Trace Cyrus on Ashley Tisdale: Worst Person Ever!

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Trace Cyrus is either a jealous brother or a great brother.

In the midst of sister Miley receiving a never-ending stream of criticism for her wardrobe choices and ridiculous quotes, Trace has taken to his Twitter account and stolen a few headlines from his sibling.

Who knows if his goal is to divert negative attention from Miley or to compete with her, but one thing is certain: Dude really, really hates Ashley Tisdale! Yesterday, he Tweeted:

By far the worst person I’ve met in my life is Ashley Tisdale. I’ve never had someone who dosnt know me AT ALL make up so many rumors and bull**** about me. You don’t even know me b****.

God took me by the hand, told me not to b afraid. He told me all his secrets, I live by them everyday. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone’s opinion is always right. To them.

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We have a few reactions to this:

  1. Who hates Ashley Tisdale?!?
  2. We're a celebrity gossip site that surfs the Web, places phone calls and spends every waking hour contacting sources around the globe for rumors and stories. Not once have we ever heard Tisdale say a word about Trace Cyrus.
  3. It's incredible but true: Miley does NOT have the worst fashion taste in her family.
  4. How can Tisdale be the worst person Trace has ever met? Has he never been introduced to his own sister?!?

what on earth is wrong with ashley tisdale? she is beautiful, has a lovely voice, a great role model for kids, so much i can say for Trace's skany sister, and much more! this b******, who the f*** does he think he is?!!! he has no f***in right to say anything bad to ashley!


lol thats funny really i mean who really hates ashley ,i dont think he hates ashley i think hes covering on his own sis but if he is then y did he pick one of the hollywood sweet haertshe could of picked one of hollywoods whores atleast! and even if shes telling romours about him ,he deserves it ,very much ,cuz hes wasted!!!!!!!1


wat does this ugly dogface knows and get a new stylsit u trash ugly doushebag i hate u!!!!!!!!!!


wat does he know? Ashley is awsum and byy far the best celeb disney has ever had!!


Ashly tisdale rocks she is the best rolemodel ever. She would never bully she is AMAZING ! :)
ashly tisdale ya she volonteers an makes
amazing songs and i agree with anna and vanessa and every one who loves ashly tisdale.
love you ashly tisdale


You are like your sister sl****.................


Trace Whooooooooooooooooo??????????????????I dont even know this Ashley is famous not you ,what a shame.You know what if you wanna be famous use other people St****d.


Ashley Tisdale is cool.I love her voice her style.She's perfect girl.I think Ashley should not be a concern for others' opinions. She is best STAR IN THE HOLLYWOOD.


ashleys awesome and i like miley/hannah for her music but she is turning in to a really bad role model and if she is still famous when i have kids they may hear about her but wont like her she may think she is so cool because she has her own tv show and all that but i used to think she was cool and a great role model but now i cant belive wat she is doing with being famous she needs to stop just for a minuet and think about her actions and the only reason i watch hannah montana bacause emily osment and miitchel musso and if she cant get a hold of her self then she shouldnt continue ruining little kids live and crushing their dreams ashley is an awesome person dont be hateing on her trace cyrus ur more stupid than miley yal are setting a horible example for noah she is a sweet girl and miley to think ur dad is billy ray and are really even his real daughter dont worry ashley ur cooler than them dont listen to em lov ya byesw


he is a dog face!how dare he fuck about my ASHELY TISDALE she is way cooler,preettier ,famous,valubleand nicer den he cud ever b!besides shes older den u....fuck offf assswhole!go 2 helll...die n fuckk ur GF.......i wish i cud shoot u u dirty tattoed freak....
i have all the worldz dirty curse s 4 u u fukin` freak!!!!!ashely never said nything boutt u cux shez honest!n doznt bullshit like u she aint a bitchh...u no wat no 1 likes u...itz a gud thing dem left u cux u were ruining her life....these guyx r big time stars n ur nothing but a street 1 likes u...fuck u ..u r soo gonna payyyy...fuck fuck ur asss

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