Tiger Woods-Theresa Rogers Love Child, £2 Million Settlement Alleged By UK Documentary

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World famous philanderer Tiger Woods fathered a secret love child, according to a new TV documentary scheduled to air this week in Great Britain.

A journalist who claims he helped the troubled golfer cover up his affairs says he knows someone who has full details of the love child, a baby girl.

He also alleges DNA evidence to prove it. Can you imagine if that were true? Elin Woods and her legal team would absolutely eat that sucker alive.

Writer Neal Boulton tells the UK's Sun this week that "There is a lot more still to come out. Tiger Woods will eventually admit to fathering a child."

We doubt it, but you never know.

SHAFTED: Did Theresa Rogers carry Tiger Woods' love child in 2003, then just screw him over by leaking proof as he and Elin reportedly hammer out divorce terms?

Rumors concerning a love child have circulated since Tiger's rampant cheating ways were exposed. Theresa Rogers is reportedly the love child's mother.

Rogers, Tiger Woods' cougar mistress who claims to have taught him everything in bed, gave birth to a girl seven years ago, according to the report.

She then demanded a settlement (said to be £2 million) for her silence. We actually reported that item in December, but heard nothing more since.

Until now.

These claims and so much more will be included in Channel 4's Tiger Woods: The Rise and Fall, on Thursday. We'll likely have more information then.

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Nothing surprises me anymore about this very sick man!!! Tiger Woods continues to humiliate his family in front of the world each time more details of his sordid secret life come to light! Tiger Woods has very serious emotional and character issues!!! He is an immoral serial adulterer and liar, a remorseless, soulless, self centered shell of a person. Tiger and his Team have been using everyone for their own selfish purposes for a very long time! Tiger’s big act of contrition and repentance was staged by his PR team to get sympathy from his wife, fans and sponsors! Tiger has caused Elin and the children enough pain and suffering to last them a lifetime!!!

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