Tiger Woods Playing the Field Again?

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With wife Elin Nordegren in China with their kids, Tiger has been playing some golf and relaxing with his friends in his home near Orlando, Fla.

Oh, and hanging with that beautiful Elin look-alike again, according to new reports suggesting that the beautiful blonde clone was in his cart.

That's not an attempt to sound dirty, she was supposedly in a golf cart with him is all - the second sighting of Woods with the same woman.

Take this story for what it is - no photos, no named sources, and pure hearsay - but it's worth noting that similar reports have surfaced lately.

Tiger, who has reportedly been told by his lawyers that there is no dating allowed, and his new "friend" didn't touch but seemed affectionate.

Tiger Woods: Secretly moving on with Elin 2.0?

“He hit some balls on the driving range while she sat in the cart,” an eyewitness said. “Then he took a break and sat next to her in the cart."

“They were chatting and obviously comfortable with each other. She was laughing at everything he said and he looked completely relaxed."

Eventually friends joined Tiger and he played a round. As for his mystery girl? “She hung around,” said the witness. “It looked very natural.”

News of a Tiger Woods divorce is expected any time as he and Elin are leading separate lives and are barely on speaking terms, if at all.

Chances are dalliances with Elin look-alikes won't help matters.


I am shocked to see people believing in stuff just said by tabloid and then start to critique people assuming what reported by tabloid was 100% true.... Don't people feel surprised that these tabloid e-news are like sensational movie scripts...


So much for Tiger's lawyers to say he could not date until the divorced was finalized. It seems that Tiger has never stopped whoring around with the help of his enablers. This should not be a surprise since we all know that Tiger Woods is a serial adulterer, immoral, despicable, self centered, remorseless hypocrite!!! Elin Nordegren is young and beautiful and I hope someday she can find a good and decent man that will love and respect her and the children as they deserve.


He has the guts to fight for joint custody ?????? Well if he was a good decent father the last thing he will be doing right now is to hook up with the new bimbo in line.
What a jerk - i'm being gentle here - he turned out to be. No way he will regain his status as the favorite golfer and the golden boy of the world of golf. His image is tarnished FOREVER




And because Radar Online reports this from their "sources" everyone is to take it as gospel? Does anyone ever verify any information and where are the photos of the "same" blond? Let the couple get on with their lives.

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