Not His Cub: DNA Tests Nixes Tiger Woods Love Child Allegations By Devon James

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The notion that Tiger Woods knocked up porn star Devon James years ago would not be far-fetched at this point, but a DNA test has apparently disproved it.

Claims by one of the golfer's many, many mistresses that she gave birth to Tiger Woods' love child now appear bogus thanks to a test performed in 2002.

The DNA test was conducted to determine paternity of Devon James' son Austin T. James as part of "an ongoing child support battle," according to TMZ.

A 29-year-old porn star claimed Woods was the daddy, leaked a photo of the kid and said Austin's middle initial is a secret tribute to the golfer she loved.

Meanwhile, another mistress, Theresa Rogers, says she had Woods' baby in 2004 and negotiated a multimillion-dollar settlement to keep it under wraps.

Stay tuned on that one. But he's in the clear when it comes to Devon James' son, at least. The kid does look lot like Tiger, BTW, but alas. Sorry Austin.

SPANKED: We don't doubt that Tiger Woods put it to Devon James, but it seems her bid to shake him down with a fake love child have been whacked. Go science.


Nice whore!


I hope to high hell that Tiger's career tanks!! So far so he just needs to be struck by lightning and he goes broke! Karma's a bitch and no I am not talking about the millions of skanks he fucked!!


I heard from reliable sources that Tiger Woods has had a Vasectomy, after his last child, wo where are all these sluts getting this stuff


Tiger's penis rules him. It's like he has no thinking capacity. Golf/stud service. If his golf career goes into the toilet he can always get top billing as a porn star.


LOVE!!!?? Give me a fucking break! What the fuck you know about love?? You fuck for money you fucking CUNT!!! Try not to fuck up this kid's life but agian you are a WHORE and everyone knows it!!


She said she loved Tiger. Hmmm, these idiots don't know the first thing about love. They only know about lust. Tiger has the demon of lust in him big time.


Try to pin the kid on another sucker-u will probably never find the Dad sorry kid your mom's a WHORE!!! Look online :)


I agree that the kid resembles Tiger Woods, especially because of his oriental eyes. The media spread this rumor like a wild fire and put doubts on people's mind. I think the media should put an end to this by naming and showing a picture of the kid's real father!!!


Nice try, Skank.

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