THG Comments Contest: Leave the Most This Week and Win a $25 iTunes Gift Card!

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THG is pleased to announce a brand new Comments Contest! The prize: A $25 iTunes gift card. $25. Yours in exchange for sharing your opinions. What's not to like?

It works like this: Leave the most comments on THG between now and next Tuesday and it's yours. Boom. That's it. The only rules of THG's Comments Contest are:

  1. You must register and create a profile. This is easy, fun and FREE. You can fill out a profile under the "Edit My Profile" link while logged in.
  2. Comment on any celebrity gossip article on THG, not just this one. Please keep it clean ... ish. Vulgarity and profanity are discouraged.
  3. We can and will disqualify users for spam comments at our discretion.
  4. Comments will be tallied between now and next Tuesday at this time.
  5. We will announce the winner and contact you then. Good luck!
Adam Lambert Album Cover

You could buy an Adam Lambert album with your iTunes gift card ... or anything else. It's entirely up to you if you leave the most comments. So comment away and win!

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Yay! I'm commenting! Hopefully I win! I never win anything haha


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Adam: And This How u Do ur Make Up Gurls...mwaaa.. lol


I love this site! I stumbled upon it recently and it's become my #1 site to check daily! Up to date, reliable info! Good job :) Great competition by the way!