The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Holy Crap!

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Every Tuesday morning, I get an email from one of our interns at THG that briefly runs down the previous night's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and then goes into a longer review, the latter of which I post on the site.


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    I can not get enough of this crazy show. I honestly count the days untill it's on again. Theresa is my favorite, especially since the chase scene. I can't wrap my head around Danielle and her thought patterns, she is certifiable! wow, she kept saying "I knew this would happen". What, you would be a smart ass and run from a woman that was just trying to talk to you? What a crazy Bitch! I freakin' love that show. Untill next week...


    I'm still laughing. Your blog is hilarious and so right on.

    these people are all interesting and the two ugly Kims are horrible shit disturbers.

    can't believe this all just happens. I'm sure it is mostly set up by the producers but Danielle takes the bait every time.

    She should have and could have stayed away. Wonder if the producers made her go to the fashion show.

    Some fashion show. UGLY clothes that only a ten year old should wear and yet the two Kims wear the clothes and so does Danielle???

    Danielle prefers going naked but she at least looks semi good in the clothes.

    The kims look like they have so much plastic surgery you could make two more Kims from the left overs.

    Keep blogging. You are FUNNY and a great writer.


    What in the heck did the ethnicity of the driver have to do with the re-cap of the show? A lame blog from an even lamer blogger.




    It's bait. I swear the producers told Theresa to go out and "talk' to Danielle...cause they knew it would make her blow a gasket. AND THAT KIM person with her? Good God. You are right though, Poor Poor Police. They must go home and just kick the crap out of the walls.


    Yea it's just a train wreck waiting to happen. I want to beat Danielle too but will leave it to Teresa. Dina was smart to leave but the others need to watch out for the ugly two-faced (not to mention frozen in time) lop sided boob wench!! She has issues and is totally delusional!!


    This ep was so effing good.
    I can't wait til next week to watch Teresa beat dragon slut (danielle) down.

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