The Real Housewives of New Jersey: A Serving of Quaw-Fee, Danielle/Dina Drama

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While most of our staff is sitting in stunned silence over the alleged existence of yet another Danielle Staub sex tape, thank goodness for our Real Housewives critic.


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    Danielle what an enigma and not in a good way. im still realing from one of her earlier comments about dina having linoleum on her floors when she was a single mother. my gawd what a terrible thing. it must mean that dina was a whore???????what a dirt bag miss dannielle is, and that kim d. poor thing she looks much older than the group and not wiser but what a two faced woman. and her butt crack was very ugly as was danielles. danielles spread eagle was very low class also. great entertainment though


    If a society can be judged by the programs its television networks air, then we are indeed F***ED!!!


    Im so glad dina told that witch off. she tried to be her friend and forgave for whatever she did. she is crazy and should be taken off the show. she is a threat to all of thier families. love your show. i was kinda scared when dina left by her self with that danny out in the parking lot.can't wait for next mon.


    Love the review! I can free up some space on the DVR now... GO CELTICS! WOOTWOOT!!


    With all the problems our society is facing, why are these morons being put on the airwaves? Their husbands should be/must be humiliated (except Joe who doesn't have the grey matter to realize it). I keep changing the channel after about 10 minutes of these fools. Why to I tune in at all? Because I still can't believe that they are still around and hope it's just a joke on us. I love the NY ladies because they are educated, successful in their own right and make for interesting gossip and are fun. These idiots are insulting to woman, especially those of us in NJ. Get them off the air.

    Avatar your review! keep up the good work...


    I loved reading this review!'s nice to know that other people get it and see this garbage for what it is....this is the worst "housewives"... what is it with everyone being related besides Danielle...why don't they cast other housewives who are not part of the Manzo clan (yuck!)....they are the most uninteresting people ever...i just finished watching NY, which I love, and like Orange County, those women are not all related and actually are pretty interesting to watch...there's drama, but no real mean spirited, hateful women...I think they all just try too hard and I truly believe they think they're celebrities...that's hysterical!anyway, actually do things and live their lives...


    Ah, the logic of Danielle.... Put a chipmunk in a suit to stop it from cussing; works every time!


    Cripes. These bitches all have the mentality of psychotic 12 year olds.

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