The Death of Michael Jackson: One Year Later

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Michael Jackson passed away a year ago today. He was 50. The year that followed has marked a celebration of his life, invigorating legions of fans old and new.


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    i believe that he's one of the greatest men i know and i was proud to do my project over the king of pop the jackson family take it easy and believe in god he will make everything better.

    love ramesh mims


    devon cote loves little boys like mj too!


    I agree that Conrad Murray's trial should be moved out of California if Michael is to receive any kind of justice. MJ's body should be reexamined independently. Evidence of potassium chloride should be examined. Anyone who has his eyes and mouth wide open( but is supposed to be under propofol which induces deep sleep) is a sign of a massive heart attack. Potassium chloride induces a massive heart attack and is undetectable in the system but the liver and kidney can produce evidence.
    Dr. Murray was faking CPR. What professional gives CPR on a bed.
    Murray was commissioned to kill MJ. It was FIRST DEGREE MURDER!!


    michael always and always will have my heart u know when he was alive the media wouldnt back the fuck up and leave him alone now he cant even rest in peace cuz of all this bullshit so everyone needs to shut up and let the man rest in peace i mean how do u think his kids would feel if they read everything about his personal stuff on this webpage
    peace out show some respect


    michael is not dead second joe isnt intitled to nothing and is looking for a fast way to get money..... conrad is the only person who knows where michael is..... he was paid with the missing money in the house...... michael would never ever do this to his kids... never.... he loved is kids and was the best dad ever.... when paramedics came to house michael and conrad disappeared. a sectioni of the air port was closed while conrad helped him get away. conrad has no problems going to jail for 4 million dollars.... when he gets out his life will be all set...
    michael went to a place unknown or suspected by any of us..there is alot more why micahel is alive.... i love you michael pls come back soon..... miss you for you love you more for you... nothing else matter.


    Michael Jackson fans must see the stunning solid silver statue tribute to him by sculptor Billa Dhand. Images can be viewed at website of the same name of sculptor


    never can say good bye,love you (MORE)!


    You know Hollywood Gossip, "F" the media! MJ is gone, and he will never be forgotten. I'm sick of the media and it's trashing MJ, you did enough of that when he was living. Never forget you MJ!!!!


    Joe Jackson is more right and on the money than he has ever been before.He's right .Think about it,if you worked at a store and you killed one of the customers,shouldn't you and your employer be found negligent and sued,of course, without a doubt.Conrad Murray was to be payed $140,000 a month by AEG to provide his services to Michael Jackson.Only problem is that AEG donates millions of dollars to the City of Los Angeles and unfortunately black stars dont get much justice in L.A. like Tupac,Notorious B.I.G and now Michael Jackson.AEG and the City of Los Angeles are in bed together and the trial should be moved elsewhere.


    love u michael, rest in peace...

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