The Bachelorette Recap: 100 Percent Chance of Jonathan Whining, Craig M. Being a Sociopath

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After weeding out the total nut jobs on The Bachelorette premiere, Ali Fedotowsky got down to business last night and actually went on dates with the guys.

Not to say some loons didn't make it through to create more drama, particularly between scary Craig M. and meek weatherman Jonathan. What went down?

THG breaks down all the action below in its plus-minus index ...

Ali and Frank's date features their vintage car breaking down on a jam-packed freeway. That would be pretty hard for the producers to stage, at least. Plus 3.

As they go up to the Hollywood sign, Frank acts as if Ali ganked a key from someone and the producers didn't somehow arrange all this ahead of time. Plus 4.

On Hollywood Blvd., people flock for autographs and pictures with them. Did ABC plant those "fans"? Are people really that obsessed with celebrities that they will fawn all over ... Ali Fedotowsky? Either way, it's worthy of at least Minus 10.

Ali Fedotowsky Bikini Picture

A GOOD CHOICE: The guys salivate over Ali. It's easy to see why.

On second thought, when the group date guys (and viewers) get a look at Ali on the beach in Malibu, maybe the blatant ogling makes a little more sense. Plus 20.

Ty, reading the group date card: "Jonathan ... is NOT going." Plus 4.

Craig M. altercation #1: He needles Jesse relentlessly, only to be shut down when Jesse says: "I don't talk $h!t, I just hit." Craig M.: "Huge rebuttal." Minus 5.

The group date is a photo shoot for a Men of The Bachelorette calendar for charity. With a few exceptions ... well, let's just say we feel for the charity. Minus 6.

The Weatherman is way, way too nervous about a Speedo. Minus 7.

Ty confesses that he was married before. He plays guitar for Ali because his ex-wife never wanted to listen to it. The male Tenley Molzahn, everybody! Plus 5.

Craig R. goes after Justin Rego, who he says lied by omission when he didn't reveal he's a pro wrestler. We're not big Rated R fans ourselves, given what The Bachelorette spoilers indicate he does to Ali, but lay off, Craig! Guy's on crutches! Minus 8.

Jonathan Novack Picture

STORMY WEATHER: Jonathan Novack may be whiny, but we're totally in his corner when it comes to the feud with Craig M. Fortunately, Ali made the right choice, too.

Craig M. altercation #2: Ripping on Jonathan continuously and for no reason. He rats her out to Ali as "dangerous." D!ck move, but Craig had it coming, so ... Wash.

For Jesse's solo date, they jet off to Las Vegas. Plus 6, 'cause while not a master of conversation, he gets a bit of a bad rap, as he seems nice and honest enough.

Chris Lambton is sad he didn't get a date, but he and Ali bond at the cocktail party over being from Massachusetts. We've got a good feeling about him. Plus 11.

Roberto Martinez, similarly, pays Ali many compliments and they seem smitten. He and Chris were small players this week, but are the main contenders. Plus 5.

Minus 4 for the dudes creepin' in the background though. Subtle, fellas.

Craig M. altercation #3: He accosts Jonathan, who, rather than lying or coming clean, says it doesn't matter who outed him, further angering the sociopath. Minus 5.

Fortunately, Craig M. got the boot. Plus 10, because while troublemakers usually entertain, this egomaniac meathead with used car salesman hair is just a waste.

TOTAL: +13. SEASON: +21.

Roses: Frank, Jesse and Ty (won on dates earlier in the night), Kasey, Hunter, Roberto, Chris L., Justin, Steve, Kirk, John C., Craig R., Chris N. and Jonathan.

Out: Tyler V., Craig M. and Chris H.


Hej, check out minute 01:19:55 episode 2 when they show the Weatherman wearing his rose before he even got it!!!! Jesus Christ, what a mistake! watch out the next time!


Is this show for real?!? The producers really know how to pick them. I would think alarm bells rang loud and clear at every law enforcement agency in Toronto Canada after seeing this nutjob, Craig M. Craig, if you are reading this, we are all only joking. We all think you're really a top guy who's very relaxed and easy to get along with and that everyone else was at fault... It's too bad you gave the impression Freddy Kruger himself would have nightmares thinking about you dating his daughter!! I think you would be fantastic in that series 'Lie to Me'...playing a sociopath who is slowly eliminating all the other contestants on a TV dating show cause they don't understand what a fun guy you are.(Starting with the 'weather man' of course). I would certainly nominate you for an Oscar.


JNofan .... I see you have poor taste in boys. Get a clue honey...
You must be his whire trash girlfriend livin' in his trailer in oakey ponoke ohklahomoa where his job is .


"I happen to know jonathan and I can tell you he is no whiner" Tell him and all his viewers he sucks as an actor, and sucks probably as a weatherboy too. An other college grad who cannot make it in this world. Drive off a cliff for the cameras...pleasse i can't stand you're whiny acne pits covered face.


Weatherman looks like that pycho dude who played the teenager in Christine horror film (stephen King Novel) .... He is such a pansy a__ though .... Ali should say go home "little boy". I want a man not a mouse who tattles on everyone to his "mommy" .... Jonathan ill be exposed as when the real truth comes out and he co-stars with Adm Lambert.


Weatherman was so cute in that speedo. Bless his little heart ;) Craig is a psychopath and will turn into a serial killer one day. He is also probably on drugs. Complete nutjob. I'm glad Ali sent him home fast. He did make me laugh though "weathermaaaaaan" hahah hilarious


I happen to know jonathan and I can tell you he is no whiner, they cut the sh!t out of the scenes so they can portray the guy's any way they see fit. It's all about ratings people!! Get a grip on "reality tv" They show him crying but fail to let the viewers know it was fake and for the video!! I am so sick of all the crap being said about a really good guy and I am here to set this crap straight!! All of the guy's were portrayed the way the show wanted them to be. Get to know the men for real before you mouth off after all how would you be seen your self.


was Canadian Craig M. looking for an American citizen to marry or is she just got major anger issues. His behavior seemed almost staged. I'm not too fond of Jonathan Novack a.k.a "The Weatherman" because he naggs excesively. One-by-one Ali will eliminate dysfunctional men like Craig M. Oh yeah, I am suspicious of Frank, he seems overly obsessed with Ali way too early in the competition


I do not think Craig from Canada is evil or dangerous...he saw a whiny idiot in Jonathan, and Jonathan proved that he is, indeed, a whiny idiot! I absolutely cannot stand Jonathan...I hope he gets kicked off the show soon. Craig was not doing anything to him but teasing him, and if Jonathan had taken it, like a MAN, instead of a worm, it would not have continued. Someone, please slap Jonathan silly!!


@ashley.. jonathan was given a rose

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