Taylor Lautner on Eclipse: It's My Favorite!

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When fans ask Taylor Lautner to take his shirt off, he politely declines, but points them to June 30.

That's the premiere for Eclipse, of course, a film that will once again deliver plenty of Jacob Black in the semi-buff.

The man behind that amazing torso spoke to Matt Lauer on Today this morning and first showed his gratitude for the part he plays in general, saying:

"I embrace this role and this franchise. It's done many things for me, I give all the thanks to it and I'm having the time of my life with it."

Taylor and Followers

As for Eclipse, Lautner doesn't need to sell the movie, as it will clearly make hundreds of millions around the world.

Still, he and Kristen Stewart have been promoting the heck out of the third Twilight Saga flick for weeks and he said today:

"Eclipse is definitely my favorite of the series. I feel like Eclipse takes everything about the franchise - the romance, the action, the danger - and it takes it all to the next level."

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OMG I LOVE Taylor!!! I think he is so cute!