Tabloids Klash Over Kourtney Kardashian/Scott Disick Koverage, Break-Up

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If supermarket tabloids are never to be believed, what do readers do when two of these trashy magazines publish opposite reports? One of them has to be correct, no?

Such is the dilemma now facing Kourtney Kardashians fans, a select group of individuals who should likely re-consider their priorities in life.

According to Us Weekly, Kourtney and Scott Disick are tighter than ever, as the former helped the latter celebrate his 27th birthday last week in Charlotte. At the party, Disick allegedly said: "The most important thing is family.”

AWWWW, right? Or... wrong?!?

Khloe Kardashian might be pregnant. Kourtney may have dumped an abusive Scott Disick. What will reality show writers come up next for these sisters?!?

As you can see above, Life & Style tells a very different story.

It claims to have gotten its hands on a scene from season two of Kourtney & Khloé Take Miami. In it, Scott goes on an alcohol-infused tirade, smashing bottles, punching walls and forcing Kourtney to lock herself in a room with five-month old Mason.

The incident ends with Disick rushed to the hospital and Kourtney in hysterics, eventually telling her douchey beau: "I can't do this anymore. I love Mason more than I love you."

(That's a great line. Props to the writer that jotted it down on Kourt's cue card.)

Kris Jenner, meanwhile, supposedly told the tabloid that she "had another girlfriend who allowed this kind of stuff in her life, and she ended up dead."

Yes, Kris is referring to Nicole Brown Simpson. Yes, she just compared Scott Disick to O.J. Simpson. Producers may have crossed the line with that one. Are they that desperate for ratings?!?


Kourtney, Stay with Scott, it take men a long time to grow up, but they do. If kids were not involved I would say leave, he will change, mine did and we are happier than ever and our child is not messed up because his parents are not together. Our child was never exposed to any horrible things as nothing really got out of hand, just a over grown boy. He will get tired of going out and want nothing but to be home after work and be with his family. It will all work out. I see nothing but love in all the eyes of the Scott and Kourtney Klan..........:-)


Bridget dear. :) Respectfully and no offense meant, if you like Scott so much, then you go out with him and put up with all of his bad boy, childish, arrogant, narcissistic mafioso drama and then get back with us and let us know how it went. We'll wait..... :)


Please Kourtney, for your own good as well as Mason's own good, let go of Scott. I'm sure in your heart you already know it isn't going to work. Respectfully, you are only postponing the inevitable dear heart. I know you are gathering strength so you can finally do the right thing for yourself, for your baby, and even for Scott. He needs to desperately grow up and get over himself. As long as you are enabling him by taking him back all the time and giving in to him, he isn't going to grow up or improve but will continue to take advantage of your kindness. I was in a similar situation myself years ago. You need to cut the ties with him and move on. More doors will open for you...enabling you to fully Blossom.


You know Kourtney is a great girl. I think she is a lovely young woman. Scott makes mistakes but he is only 27 years old. He is growing up. I like him. Yes he can be a jerk when hes drunk but he will learn one day that you cant drink and not be a drunk. People give him a lot of strife but there are a lot of bumbs that dont try at all. Kris Kardashian is a bit of a meddler and she accepted Reggie and Lamar because they had money from pro ball. Scott has to make his way. Bumps in the road we all have them. Come on he is not a douche he is young and more is expected of him because he is a man. I have seen Kourtney and her sisters drunk too. Have some spirituality and give him some slack you perfect peopel.


Iam a big Kardashian fan at 52 years old but am really concerned with the ongoing Scott drama. I feel Kourtney is setting a very bad example for young girls by staying in a relationship that is totally disfunctional and possibly lethal. Dealing with his BS while single was once thing but now with mason in the picture there are no exceptions to the rules. I am very disappointed in her actions. The show the other nite with chris getting involved then kourt getting mad at her mom for stepping in and talking to scott was totally BS. If she were my daughter and scott had pulled what he did and has been doing I would have been doing more then just talking to him. VERY DISAPPOINTED IN THE WAY KOURT TREATED HER MOTHER!


listen kourtney i don't want to be rude but Scott has done this before and he will do it again. The best thing for you and mason is to dump scott. your sister is right. he is not the best thing for you


yes i also think he is a goober, a big one,but really it makes the show. he is the person we love to hate and keeps us watching


kourtney when i had a boyfriend he allowed over people 2 decide who 2 be with but i dumped him straight away cause i knew he'd be an idiot i hope this letter makes you think twice about scott face it you and mason arent safe anymore if i met you in person right now id be telling you:"DUMP HIM ITS NOT SAFE ANYMORE YOU COULD END UP DEAD OR MASON COULD youve really got 2 understand kourtney my biggest fear is no more you or mason and i dont want that 2 happen!"


It seems there are plenty of people in this country who have too much time on their hands. You would have to be a complete retard to stay with a person like Scott Disick. He is as close to a perfect idiot as you can get. And they break up like every 5 months. Obviously its scripted, especially these newer seasons. This episode was recorded months ago. The whole show is fake. KARDASHIANS ARE FAKE.


The show is hilarious. The girls are raunchy yet real. Kourt, just because you have a child with Scott does NOT mean you have to be a couple!! He will already be in your life forever, unfortunately for you :( . Khloe and your Mom have been right all along. Scott is a total sleeze ball! And what's with the wardrobe of his?? Gag, fag, lol. Mason is such a super cutey. Scott is such a player. He was happy to go to Florida to get away from your family. That comment right there proves how he can't wait to screw you over girl! Dump the asshole! You have such a wonderful loving family that will give you the support you need. Love both shows. We laugh and enjoy them all :) .

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