Lindsay Lohan's Alcohol Monitor Goes Off, World Gasps in Collective Astonishment

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Has Lindsay Lohan lost her battle with the dreaded SCRAM device?

Her court-ordered alcohol-monitoring bracelet/anklet was trigged Sunday evening during an MTV Music Awards after party, according to a People source.

Dun-dun-DUNNNN! It remains unclear if alcohol was detected in her system or Lohan's ankle bracelet was tampered with - either would alert authorities.

Man. The actress may face jail time if the judge in her case rules that the star violated the conditions of her bail, abstaining from alcohol among them.

The ankle monitor must be kept on in accordance with her probation as well, and she must submit to random drug testing (she passed both so far).

Hiding the Monitor

Will Lindsay end up in jail? [Photo: Splash News Online]

Judge Marsha Revel is expected to receive a report on why the SCRAM went off soon, the source says, and could order Lohan's bail revoked immediately.

Lindsay is out on bail after missing her last probation hearing, which stems from her past DUI arrest. Got all that? Her rescheduled hearing is July 6.

Let's be fair: It's possible the device triggered a false positive somehow, and she's trying to go clean. SCRAMs have been known to, it's not uncommon.

But come on, is anyone buying that? She went to an after-party after one of the biggest partying events of season. And come on, it's Lindsay Lohan.

It may be moot now, but who will prevail?


It's a corrupt society with a professional at it!


you can never stop Lohan. She worked hard enough to do those things. :) she made her self famous and popular, and to be fare, she deserves to be happy, to enjoy. there are just some people who are very intriguing. they want to mingle with others happiness and ruin it.


Put her in jail or whereever else the law should put her. Enough of this crap already as she is abusing the system. Anyone else would not get the treatment these hollywood wannabees get.


Lindsay is out there and don't care,she is letting it all hang out,and is having the time of her life. This is her world and the justice system is just living in it. She walks into a courtroom
followed by reporters and photographers,and walk right on out with just as many headlines. The judicial system seem to have a very soft spot for her and her antics. To Lindsay,this is all a big joke,and she keeps getting the last laugh.


She tweeted that her friend put on a red glo-stick on her. She was also wearing Christian Louboutin black suede boots, and it would be impossible to see the scram bracelet flash through those boots.


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