Sarah Palin to Joe McGinniss: Beat it, Stalker!

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Sarah Palin is understandably far from pleased that writer Joe McGinniss rented the house next door to her while authoring a book about the former governor.

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    Uh Joe Mcginniss is the lowest of the low in journalism. Will I read anything that comes out of his "poison pen" notes. Nope.
    I'm not a fan of Sarah's but I'm certainly no fan of this stalker.
    If you hate Sarah then so be it. I don't care how much I think she should just shut up and live a happy life in Alaska I disagree with this old dude's tactics. This is a stalker and stalkers can be dangerous and obsessed people. He is one.


    there is a photo of mcguiness using a device to spy on the palins who could truthfully say they would not mind similar behavior from their neighbor. i'd be a russian and burn their house down


    I'm praying for Sarah Palin and her family regarding this whole situation.

    I'm also praying that Joe will disappear and find something useful to do with his life.

    For all of you that think what Joe is doing is okay; I wish the same "nightmare" for you.

    My message to Joe: "'Get a Life' you freak!"


    OMG this woman is a psyco, will somebody please stop her before she does some real harm.


    I realize that some of you are fans of Sarah's and you are entitled to your opinion,but for God's sake, McGinness is not in jail for anything and he is not a criminal, and your lip service isn't going to make him one. He simply rented a house. That's all!!


    Sarah,loves to be in the news! she is a complete idiot! I hope she stays behind her fence! we need a break from her dumb face!


    I can see Russia from my house


    She's a nut case... Sounds like she is worried he might see or hear something she doesn't want the public to know..


    I was going to vote for John McCain until he brought this lunatic on the ticket. She has proven to me time and again that she is nothing but a media whore!!1


    The house is next door and has been there a while, so what, he rented the house. If she didn't want someone in the house, she should have bought it or rented it herself. It's just a house, get over it. And, when he leaves, someone else will probably rent it, will they be stalkers too? She's in Alaska without sunshine parts of the year. She's batty as hell.

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