Sarah Ferguson: Drunk and Taking Bribes

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Sarah Ferguson, a.k.a. Fergie, a.k.a. Britain's Duchess of York, says she was drinking and "not in my right place" when she was caught in a sting operation.

The set-up? Ferg was caught on video offering access to her former husband, Prince Andrew, for $724,000. She told Oprah Winfrey she was "in the gutter."

"I'm aware of the fact that I've been drinking, you know. I was not in my right place," Sarah Ferguson said in an interview set to air on Oprah on Tuesday.

Ferguson said she had seen the video while traveling through airports recently but had not sat down to watch closely: "I haven't faced the devil in the face."

According to transcripts of the show, the Duchess says "I was in the gutter at that moment." We're inclined to believe it, given the accusations in this case.

TROUBLED DUCHESS: Sarah Ferguson has some explaining to do.

Tape of the sting was posted by London's News of the World, which set up the meeting. Ferguson asks for $40,000 cash and 500,000 pounds ($718,500).

In exchange for that wire transfer, she agrees to introduce the paper's undercover reporter to the prince - reportedly under the guise of a business meeting.

"I can open any door you want," Ferguson reportedly said in the video. 

The newspaper's big sting operation has caused a major embarrassment for the 50-year-old Sarah Ferguson, who has a pair of daughters with Prince Andrew.

Andrew is the second son of Queen Elizabeth and fourth in line to the throne. The prince is also known as the Duke of York. The couple divorced in 1996.

He acts as Britain's special representative for international trade and investment, so surely this can't be going over well across the pond. More to come.


Aww...I remember when Fergie was classy. This makes me so sad!


Gooooooooo Fergie, keep them rockin' they never know what you will do next, we have always loved you so what do we care if they try to mess with your reputation. You are exciting and that is why we love you.


duh who cares about her.. i like Fergie BEP she rocks!


No doubt she was sober when offered the bribes but somewhat tipsy when it officially happened. When one is desperate, who knows what that person will do for money. She lived too lavishly and it caught up with her along with bad investments. She should have remarried Andrew and just settled down to a married life with 2 daughters.


It is sad when somebody is so greedy that they sell father of their own children. I bet Oprah paid her a lot of money for that fake remorseful confession. Let's face it that woman only knows one thing and that is how to spend money she hasn't earned. I don't see why bribery is not punishable by law. It should be - because violating boundaries in a way she did is certainly a criminal act in my eyes.


A few years ago, Fergie was advertising Weight Watchers and she is always writing books,how could she be broke when she lived in the same house as Andrew while divorced.Fergie appeared to be a
breath of fresh air when she got with Andrew,but evidently she
did not have any street smarts.Wallis Simpson (The Duchess of Windsor)may have been a woman from Baltimore,but The Duke gave up his title (for the woman he loved)and left her financially secured,and wanted for nothing.When Wallis Simpson passed on her,her jewelry sold for millions.Fergie accepted what she thought that she was worth,trying to get along with the Queen,who protected her son's interest in their divorce.Fergie will always be considered a commoner in the eyes of The Windsors, even through Andrew still have a soft touch for her( and of course love his daughters).You can always depend on Sarah to brighten our shores when things get too hot for her over in England.


I find it appalling that her "allowance"for the year is a mere $20,000. I know that she has an elaborate lifestyle but she is still a Royal.


I heard that Henry VIII wives gave good head.


It was a sting operation, what kind of sting operation and who or whom was behind it. Princess Di was frantic at times because the royals had info that she didn't know how they had gotten it. She even went so far as to make sure the apartment at the palace she lived in after her divorce wasn't buged with very sophistocated bugging devices. I wouldn't trust the royals as far as I could throw them. Fergie was drinking, so what, she's old enough. Sounds as if someone is deliberatly making Fergie look bad. I wonder what is behind it? We all know that the reason Charles was not crowned King was because mom knew he never stopped seeing that ugly Camilla. I'm just glad that he married her after she was past the child bearing years. Can you imagine what those kids would have looked like? So, mom having him marry Diana was the only thing they did right. I just hate they hurt her so much, when she really did love Charles.


I saw the interview on Oprah,and it is troubling that Fergie had the chance to come clean,and kept coming up with bizarre excuses for her behavior. She claimed that she doesn't remember whether she had been drinking orange juice or wine (a bottle of wine was on the table during the taped transaction).She suddenly claimed to have been abused as a child. She claimed that she wanted the money for someone else who needed it (even through she is in debt).Fergie has long held the reputation of a spitfire who could hold her own,but today she was a whole new lesson in contradictions.To be desperate for money,and be willing to give someone your account number,yet claim that you were going to give the money to someone else is unbelievable.It's amazing how fast she crossed the pond to get on Oprah.If Andrew forgives this,he is a keeper,whom she should never have divorced.

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