Sandra Bullock-Jesse James Divorce: A Done Deal

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Sandra Bullock didn't waste any time.

Not even four months after Jesse James' affairs with Michelle "Bombshell" McGee and other assorted hoes became exposed, the actress' divorce from him is final.

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Both Sandra Bullock and her now-ex have signed the final documents, filed and sealed with the clerk's office in Travis County, Texas, within the last week.

Sources confirm the papers make the divorce final, although the contents, including all financial details of their split, will forever remain confidential.

Insiders do say the divorce clears the way for Sandra to complete a single parent adoption, however. Initially, both of them planned to adopt baby Louis.

DONE: Sandra Bullock and Jesse James would have celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary July 16. Alas, dude screwed up big time - literally and otherwise.

Bullock filed for divorce back on April 23, saying her marriage to James "has become insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities."

That's code for "my husband is a cheating jackass."

So what happens to their relationship going forward? It now appears reports of James moving to Texas to win Bullock back were only partially true.

He wants his children to continue to have a relationship with her, and getting away from his other ex-wife, Janine Lindemulder, is an added bonus.

Janine is on parole and can't leave California. Sucks to be her!


I love how he had to announce it even tghuoh she wore the ring out. No one cared enough to look or if they saw it they didn't even care to talk about it. He had to force people to talk about it.


At first Happy Birthday Sandra Bullock! I am very happy you devorced your ex-husband. I agree cheating is unacceptable.
I adore you, you are my very favourite Star! Danke.
Anna (BUNDOERA)Prazmowska


Sandra is a woman of integrity, has a solid set of values and knows right from wrong. Apparently Jesse thought he was so important in her life she would step away from those values. Which makes him.......oh I don't know.......STUPID. Yup, that fits.

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