Robert Pattinson Wants a Date, Better Body Than Taylor Lautner

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Forget rumors about engagements and babies and other false tabloid reports concerning his love life.

Robert Pattinson has far more basic desires: "I would like to go on a date," he told Jenna Bush Hager this morning on Today. "I'm just saying. I'm just putting that out there. Because I never go on dates anymore."

If the actor is seeking company for said date, there are approximately 7.9 million THG readers that would take him up on the offer.

While Robert can clearly get a date any time he wants it, the star's other dream is unlikely to ever come true.

Asked about his relationship with Taylor Lautner, Pattinson joked about the constant competition between the pair: "I want to have better hair than him. I want to have a better six-pack."

The former is already done. The latter? Sorry, Rob, but you have no chance.



I would love to go on a date with Rob! I like his personality in interviews so much better then his character! He's hilarious and I would love to get to know him! Give me a call Rob ;)


I have no words to describe you Rob!
One day you'll find your girl and i hope its Kris.


Rob needs a girl with a funny charm, one that would love him for who he really is & for a girl who knows everything about him to whats his favorite show to his favorite color & i should be the first to know becuase i love robet thomas pattinson & to call him edward really says you no nothing real about him . i should date him !


Kristen Stewarts my idol !!


He should date a girl that can make him laugh,and smile.someone who he can have fun with.someone that can be straight and honest with him,and no lies and no boyfriend or boyfriends.Someone who want to get to know Robert Pattinson not edward cullins, who"s not gold digger.that who he should date


If you don't want any paps 2 follow u, u have 2 visit my country Suriname in South America!!


yeah he really does need a date....with a fitness trainer....he have to have a better body shape...even though it won't be of any help because he is just not cute(sorry girls...this is just my point of view)


Hey ya, Rob!
Everyone knows that you r handsome
but, try to stay 'clean'
i mean, take a bath
So, u can be my idol hahhahaha


HE SAID he would like to go ON A DATE LIKE take Kristen out where theres NO paps around to set and watch he cant do that any more. Poor kid cant get a break no matter what he says every one put words in his mouth Thank God he has Kristen


I think he meant he would like a regular date - possibly with Kristen - without being harrassed by the paps. I also noticed that when Kristen was interviewed this weekend about dating Rob she used the same phrase - "I'm just sayin" and still avoided the dating question. Wonder if saying that was something they planned.

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