Robert Pattinson Teases "Totally Hardcore" Breaking Dawn, Edward/Bella Sex Scenes

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It's official: Breaking Dawn will be split into two movies.

But what will those movies be like? In a new interview with a French magazine, Robert Pattinson jokes about making them "totally hardcore" and "hav­ing to ban [the film] for peo­ple under 16.”

Don't worry, folks, he's kidding.

On Set

But the actor, seen above and below on the set of Water for Elephants, is serious about how much sexier this final installment of the Twilight Saga is when compared to the first three.

After all - SPOILER ALRERT!!! - Edward and Bella cross a major line in the book. Says Pattinson:

“It’s going to be inter­est­ing. The story goes in direc­tions so dif­fer­ent and I’m curi­ous what it will turn out like... We get mar­ried, sleep together... All the ten­sion from the three pre­vi­ous films is resolved in Break­ing Dawn.

"Can you imag­ine if they decided to go full out and Twi­light sud­denly became this totally hard­core series for adults with nude scenes?"

We're guessing all of THG's female readers could imagine that, yes. Do you ladies need some time alone right now?

Shooting Water for Elephants

Yeah I hope Robert will visit us in the philippines soon.


I think they should make it a rated R movie it would be much better :) I can't wait for the Isle Esme scene and for all the sex scenes lol it already should b rated R cuz the tension is enough to turn u on I love the movies Kristen is Hot so is Rob


Ok You stupid idiots who think the sex tape is real! It ain't real!


i cant wait for eclipse and breaking dawn to come out! god bless stephanie meyer. Its given me something to get excited about




Oh my, this is going to be interesting lols .. No nude scenes right haha ..? jks they shouldn't break the movie into two films aarrrgghhh ! Already ruined 'New Moon , .. xx Robsten


LhavBerryXo u kno they r there just smart enough not to tape it so it woulnt be leaked


if you read the book(breaking dawn) right. it tells how she goes into the water to join him on their wedding night and then the next scene is when they wake up with feathers all over. i think the only scene they might have to tone down to keep a PG rating, is the first night in their cottage when he doesnt have to be afraid of hurting her anymore. in fact! its the other way around, her being turned could hurt him.(shes stronger than him being a newborn)for awhile


robert is so adorable and being so shy its a wonder how he gets through the romantic scenes. that shows how wonderful an actor he is. he said on nightline that he gets so embarassed sometimes. well i would love him if he never did a romantic scene. he did seem more comfortable with emily in (remember me)than he does with kristen in all their scenes. maybe its because she always looks like she has been sucking on a lemon. well rob thats why we love you so very much, because you are shy and adorably so. God bless and watch over you throughout your life and career.


Why split it into two films? There's barely enough plot for one! Breaking Dawn is the biggest literary fail of all time and to be honest, I can't wait for the parents of all the twihards to see what utter tripe their kids have been reading. I wonder if people will be able to defend the paedophillia argument once it's on film?

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