Rihanna: Red Hair, No Pants in Spain

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Rihanna's fiery new red hair was on display as she performed live at the Rock in Rio concert in Madrid, Spain over the weekend. Pants, however? Nowhere to be found.

Always a fierce fashionista with a penchant for shock value to match her music talent, Rihanna's pants-free performance was almost passe compared to those hot locks.

Wearing lingerie in concert? Always. That hair? Wow!

Her daring style shines live, as previous Rihanna fashion displays have proven. After all, who else could pull this off credibly - and while cranking out hit after hit?

Rihanna in Red

What do you think? Too much? Just right for a performer as dynamic as she is? Click to enlarge more Rihanna pictures from her Madrid show below ...

RiRi Writhes
Rihanna in the Middle
Rihanna Rocks Rio
Giant Ass Robot

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new generation...


Rihanna,hmmm.....God bless your mama.You are priceless and heaven sent.God!!!! Drop death gorgouse


Rihanna looks beautiful in whatever hair style she has on.she is Riri di bestest,haters eat your hearts out and go get a life.Go Rihanna you rock am already inlove with you.


her hairs gorjus:)
was well nicer red curly:D


She's my girl anything she does is ok with me.
It's her choice if she wonts to stand out fair play to her !!!
And people shouldn't have there heads up there ass just because they dont like her hair. She's a amazing singer thats all that matters.


i love it u look hot dont mind the hater!


rihanna suits ALL hair types long hair and short and coloured hair black and RED lol she has the prefect face to pull it all off


Yea I don't like this look at all!! It took me a minute to get use to the short hair but now I am just totally lost!!What has she been thinking lately??!!


EWWW can she look grosser!!!


SHE IS SO HOT!!! I wish I was there!

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