Ridiculous Rumor of the Day: Justin Bieber's Mom Offered 50K to Pose in Playboy

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On more than one occasion, Justin Bieber has been declared dead by the Internet.

For whatever reason, this adorable young singer is often the topic of online hoaxes and cruel jokes. It's something that apparently runs in the family. What do we mean?

Stud on the Drums

Gossip blogger Zack Taylor reports that Bieber's mother - yes, his mother! - has been offered $50,000 to pose topless in Playboy. There are no sources cited and nothing else to the article... but, hey, we're The Hollywood Gossip, not The Hollywood Fact.

It's our job to bring you every rumor out there, no matter how ridiculous it may seem.

Justin Bieber nude? HAWT! Justin Bieber's mom nude? No comment.

** UPDATE: Says a rep for Bieber:

"The rumors that Pattie Mallette is in talks with Playboy Magazine to appear in an upcoming issue are completely false. She has never been approached by Playboy magazine nor has she approached Playboy. This story is utterly erroneous, without a shred of truth. Consider this denial the final word on the matter."


yeah, cant wait to fap looking at the pic.


hy justin bieber this your mom really


rrrar, hopefully thats true, bieber's mom is a smokeshow


Um im sorry but the people who keep insulting Justin and his mom stfu jus cause you dont like him dont mean nothin they didnt do anythin to you so you can stop talkin bout them..... you guys are most likely just jealous.... and all your doin is tryin to start drama so jus stop...... And as for Justin and Pattie (Justin's mom) just ignore the haters and keep doin what you have been doing :)


That bs I would be pissed sorry that happen Justin those people are dum and don't have a life


NO DONT DO DAT REALLY F******G DISUSTING...................


ewwww i agree if she waz my mom i be totally be grossed out dude my grandma looks younger but i can c were she gets her bad looks from like mother like daughter he does seem like a fucked up totall shit face i always thought he was a stuck up jerk da first time i heard him he waz a 12 yr old girl but dat just be an insult 2 12yr old girls all his fans r 2-6 yr old girls like my sis i rather hear a cat get stepped on than his voice singing or name


justin bieber mom is ugly but justin bieber sexy and hot


Topless? LMAO


I can't imagine seeing that naked. Yuck ! But, I'll bet National Geographic would pay something for her to pose...

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