Report: Tiger Woods Divorce Final, Elin Woods to Receive Record $750 Million Settlement

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MSNBC, Fox News and the UK's Sun are reporting that the Tiger Woods-Elin Nordegren divorce is final, with only a filing in Orlando County Court remaining.

"Everything's signed. Elin is ready to file for divorce at Orlando County Court," says an inside source. "She expects to sometime in the next seven days."

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The settlement Elin is to receive, which has become the subject of much debate in recent weeks, is reportedly valued in the neighborhood of $750 million.

Yes, three-quarters of a billion dollars, believed to be the biggest payout of a celebrity divorce ever. There are conditions, however, according to reports:

  1. Tiger may not bring any other females around their children.
  2. Elin can never publicly speak about his various mistresses.
  3. Elin gets full custody of the kids but they share legal custody.

That means Tiger will share decisions about the kids, and as such, Elin will not be able to permanently relocate them to her native Sweden anytime soon.

Tiger's main caveat, though, was that she shut yer yap - for all eternity.

Tiger and Elin in happier, pre-car crash times.

A pal said: "Tiger's main fear is her telling her story after he's rebuilt his reputation, sending him back to the gutter. The price of that sum is her silence."

"Complete confidentiality. No interviews, tell-all books, or TV appearances about this for the rest of her life - even if Tiger dies first - or she'll lose the lot."

Basically, Rachel Uchitel, Jaimee Grubbs, Joslyn James, Devon James and the dozen other hoes we know of ended up costing Tiger about $37.5 million per.

One report suggests that Elin Woods ended up with double the sum she sought after her lawyers determined Tiger is worth much more than $1 billion.

Her friend explained: "Elin's legal team have done a great job digging up all sorts of assets." We would have to say that's the case if the sum is correct.

While it should be noted that The Sun is a British tabloid, the $750 million figure has been reported by more than one source over the past few weeks.

Let's just say we wouldn't bet the under on $500 million anyway.


By god there are some very bitter woman on this forum. Your the ones who should be ashamed. What a disgusting lot you are.Sickening to read such venom. Tiger is the childrens daddy, no matter what you have to say. Elin is not God.


Elin is nothing more than a greedy b...h. Why should he be paying her what he had before she came along. Yes she should get something from her marriage, but what he owned and had before she came on the seen should not be shared. Tiger I know you will get your life back once she moves on. Your children will be there for you when they get older, I have seen this sort of thing before and the kids will come back to you later on. Revenge never pays, believe me. Go and earn your own keep Elin.


As a female, I guess I'm suppose to be On her side. But really its none of my business what they do! All these women keep saying she deserves all this money because he cheated. All you women are screaming leave him and get all you can, when in fact most of you stay with your cheating broke a$$ husbands. Like Kingpin said, STOP LIVING THROUGH ELIN...WORRY ABOUT WHO YOUR HUSBAND IS BANGING RIGHT NOW! Pathetic!



I'm willing to bet Tiger Woods doesn't even HAVE $750 million to give his wife. Even if he has a Billion dollars, no Judge is going to make him give her 75%!!


Orlando is in Orange County, not Orlando County.


How can any women ever look at her cheating husband the same??? You will always wonder if he is late, if it is because he is out screwing some WHORE!!?? The trust is GONE and so is she THANK GOD!! Take the kids and run-there is something deeply wrong with Tiger!! Elin is gorgeous but that was never the issue. Remember Eric Benét and Halle Berry and even more recently Jesse James and Sandra Bullock. One has to wonder what these morons where thinking???


It is a crying shame that Tiger and his marriage could not be saved. Everyone does not know what possibly went wrong between the two. A marriage between Tiger and any woman will draw media attention. This kind of attention can be extremely damaging for an interracial couple. There were too many friends and haters flocking around, just waiting for a chance to tear Tiger Woods apart! It is only wise and not foolish for both of them to weigh both of their sins and understand that it is best to make it work for the children. Whenever the children are grown, they will have more time to play again, as responsible "Husband and Wife"!


What kind of guy he is ? Paying for her silence. She has every right to tell her side of the story.
DON'T CHEAT DON'T PAY simple as that. He didn't need to betray and destroy his family over a few cheap tarts .... He's the one who strayed and completely humiliated his wife and kids.
Elin should have said NO to this agreement and take this bastard to the cleaners BIG TIME with her right to say what she wants.
Who does he think he is ??? He believes the world revolves around him.
Wake up Mr Woods you are just another spoiled athlete with no fiber morals in you. You are a low life who put his own needs before his own children.
Wait until Elin dates a sexy handsome guy with morals and principles. She will have no problem whatsoever to find a much better man than you. A much better role model than a womanizer who couldn't keep in his pants. Poor kids when they learn that daddy is in fact a real creep who spent more time with trash than his own children .


This is not enough in my opinion. Elin should take 90% of Tiger's money, plus she should take ALL his houses and luxury yachts and so on. Also he must pay her 75% of what he earns for the rest of his life. But most importantly Elin should lock Tiger into a permanent chastity belt so that he can NEVER EVER have sex again.

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