Report: Heidi Montag Hires Lawyer, Plans to Divorce Spencer Pratt (Like For Real)

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We're as surprised as you are, but according to new intel, Heidi Montag is not only serious about divorcing Spencer Pratt, she got a plan to do it quickly.

She's hand-picked attorney Jodeane Farrell to handle her divorce and this lawyer isn't playing games, taking every step to finalize it as fast as possible.

Farrell, who TMZ reports has practiced family law for 24 years and currently handles divorce mediations, will start by setting up a meeting with Speidi.

That will occur in approximately two weeks.

Reliable sources say both Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt want the divorce mediated, meaning the gruesome twosome will attempt to reach a settlement.

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This will be done privately, with the aid of attorneys and possible third-party arbitration. Then they will wait the six months required by law, and it's over.

Heidi wants Farrell, a longtime family friend, to be the mediator, provided Spencer is down with it. Farrell does not foresee any conflict of interest there.

Farrell plans to meet with Heidi and Spencer together, and if he's on board she'll schedule a meeting with an accountant to go over assets and liabilities.

As if this weren't crazy enough - the whole thing reeked of another publicity stunt - so far things are said to be "amicable" between Heidi and Spencer. 

Just last week, allegations of infidelity surfaced from both camps, and Spencer's increasingly odd behavior reached new depths. But all is peaceful now.

We'll see if that lasts.


Omg for real right now heidi is the worst friend, and the biggest bimbo loser on the planet! Spencer is a loser who tried to use her to be on the tv, those two should have a tv show were people make fun of them, I know I would have a kick out it, Bahahaha and ps Spencer is no were near hot he one of the nerds I would pick on in high school with that nasty ass blonde pubic Bush on his head!


They must be important if you looking them up and writing a comment on them


Who are these idiots anyway?Do they really contribute anything to the planet besides their foolish drama?


Somewhere, Lauren is saying, "I told you so."


how could anybody possibly care about this airhead idiot? here is a perfect example of a crazy lady, she WAS pretty then she frankensteined herself. women who do this to themselves deserve whatever they get that goes bad. to bad they didnt lose them on that island and left them there. would have been doing the world a favor. as if the US needs 2 more morons running around. guess they are no more ignorant than our idiot president and his dimwitted wife.


Heidi has pretty hair.


Both Spencer and Very Beautiful Heidi will surely work out their differences. Our country should be more concerned about the economy than worrying all night and losing sleep over the two celebrities.


What is so sad is that we have allowed these talentless, clueless bimbo's to get so rich and famous.
Get a grip and find someone INTERESTING and USEFUL to talk about.


these two were doomed from the team


who cares and laura your right

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