Randy Jackson Hospitalized After Heart Attack

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Randy Jackson - Michael's younger brother, not the ring leader of the American Idol dawg pound - was hospitalized in Pasadena yesterday with chest pains.

Later, E! confirmed that the 48-year-old had a mild heart attack.

"Randy was admitted to the hospital yesterday," the ailing Jackson's assistant said. "He will be staying overnight. He suffered from a mild heart attack."

"Thank you for your concern. He is doing as well as expected."

As if this month wasn't difficult enough for the family, with the anniversary of Michael's death next week and Conrad Murray's court proceedings underway.

The singer checked into Huntington Memorial Hospital around noon yesterday and remains there Wednesday, where he is awaiting additional test results.

The media wasted no time in swarming the hospital Tuesday night, and hospital spokeswoman Andrea Stalding released only the bare minimum statement:

"By law, I can only confirm patients that are in our hospital database," she said, refusing to confirm whether or not Randy was being treated at the time.

The incident came one day after he appeared with siblings La Toya and Jermaine to watch a judge allow Dr. Conrad Murray to keep his medical license.

Also on hand for that court date? Parents Joe and Katherine Jackson - just days after Joe blamed Michael's death on Katherine. It's been a rough week.

Earlier this month, Randy tweeted his frustrations with the ongoing battle to protect his brother's legacy and his own difficulty dealing with Michael's death.

"How do I cope?" he wrote. "I have a strong Christian faith & find power in prayer ... although this month is hard." It only gets harder too, sometimes.

Here's wishing Randy a fast, full recovery.


Dear Ciara, probably somebody should have taught you to "take the beam out of your own eye before you try and take a speck out of someone else's". You make no sense and shouldn't post until you can.


Randy you will be okay as now medical can fix the problems of heart attachs. My husband had one and quit smoking cold turkey. They put in 3 stiens and he follows z Cardo diet wals every day. outside or on a tred mill. if weather is bad. Just think of Michael being a dancer, singer in Heaven God needed him to get it going right. I lost my brother to cancer in 2008. It was real hard too. It was the last of my family as my Mom and Da are also gone. Hand in their. God Bless Diane K.


ciara what is that suppost to mean an stop being a hater


i hope randy gets better. i know how he feels i miss mj too. i loved him very much an i think mj is ok an is at peace. hang in there if the laaw dont get murray for what he did god will