Queen Latifah Praises Chris Brown, BET Awards Tribute; Says Singer "Needs to Be Forgiven"

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Queen Latifah is on Team Chris Brown.

The star's performance at the 10th Annual BET Awards Sunday, which she hosted, was "amazing, just amazing," she raves. "Not only was it a knockout performance, but his heartfelt emotion ... you can't plan that, you can't write that, it's just truth."

Fans have since argued what the truth actually is - specifically whether Brown's Michael Jackson tribute on stage was genuine or a shameless attempt to exploit the late King of Pop's legacy for some badly-needed positive PR.

The Queen says it's time to forgive Chris.

Queen Latifah has Chris Brown's back.

"He is young guy, he made a big mistake and he needs to bounce back from that. And he needs an opportunity for a second chance," she says. "We can't condemn that kid. He's a kid and he needs to correct the mistake for the future, not live in the past."

"He needs to be forgiven. Enough already. We can't keep beating him up. She [Rihanna] is going to grow, he's going to grow and we have to allow them both to do that."

What do you think?

Is Latifah glossing over what happened or are people being too hard on Brown? Has the public scrutiny gone on too long, or is it just part of what Chris must bear?

Chris Brown's BET Awards performance was ...


We have to forgive him just because of an MJ tribute? You must be kidding. He has not shown any remorse over what had happened to Rihanna. I do believe that if no one saw them that night, he would have killed Rihanna with his violent fists and extreme anger. FISTS that Rihanna received in her face and all over her body. You go ahead and forgive him because he will do it again, I am absolutely positive about that. A woman beater will always be a woman beater!


She's 100% correct! He's a child..We all need to be forgiven for the mistakes we make. Life is about growing and changing and you can't do either without mistakes. I feel remorse for anyone who doesn't have a forgiven soul. It will only make life that much harder.


Seriously!? We need to stop beating HIM up? Awesome choice of words. Maybe if he did get the crap beat out of him, I would be more willing to let it go. No stupid MJ tribute is going to make me forget what he did to her, and sometimes there just isn't enough forgiveness in the world to give a woman beater a second chance. He didn't even show that much emotion in his public apology.


she just said it all.i love you our queen laitifa.he must be forgiven.


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