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Yeah Peta! No need to wear fur - stinky in the rain and totally ugly dog look.

And wow brooke - who would have thought.


Peta is crazy, they are extremists...

i don't know what's up with shields, but i suspect its a reaction to harassment she probably received from peta. i have been harassed by crazy animal rights freaks for having a tiny bit of fur on a hood of my coat, and they made me so angry that it just made me want to wear fur from head to toe to spite them.

their tactics backfire, they just piss people off and make them want to wear fur.

i understand why people who live in cold nordic countries would wear fur, but really...i don't think it's necessary in most of north america...but i am not going to get pissed off if there is a tiny bit of it on a coat i happen to like...and i certainly won't be bullied into not wearing said coat by some lunatics on the street.


I agree too


The main problem with PETA is their leadership. If they wanted to get away from their bad reputation why would they issue a statement like that? It's not very professional and it seems like a 14 year old girl issued that statement.

I love animals but I will never give money to PETA.

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