PETA to Brooke Shields: You're a Fur Pimp!

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PETA is at it again.

No, the attention-seeking organization is actually not posing a D-list celebrity naked this time, wasting money on a campaign that could otherwise be spent on the lives of animals.

Elisabetta Canalis Topless

Instead, the company is taking at at Brooke Shields, after the actress visited Kopenhagen Fur's workshop in March and said:

"I will advocate that both my generation and the younger generation can wear fur" and "I will wear the fur garment when I follow my children to school, when I drink coffee and when I sleep."

We must say: those are especially odd comments to make. Of all the causes to advocate, who chooses fur?!?

PETA held nothing back in its response, calling out Shields and her floundering career:

"When I was a little girl, I dreamed about growing up to be a rock star. Or maybe a veterinarian. Or a roller derby queen. I didn't dream about anally electrocuting animals on fur farms, but apparently Brooke Shields did.

"We understand that when some actors' careers begin to fade, they'll do just about anything to stay in the limelight, including appearing in eyelash-growing commercials and starring in short-lived TV shows. But Brooke, did you really want the world to remember you as a 'fur pimp' who stares agog at rows of animal skins?"

We have to (painfully) admit: we agree with PETA in this one instance. How about you?


It' fine to wear fur. If people dont like it then don't. Just don't bash others because you find it evit. PETA is so much cruel to do such COMMENTS to PICK on a person. To those people who are ready to judge others...don't tell me you don't buy things coming from sweatshops. Some people support the troops that part of it is killing people regardless if it is a defence. To conform one's belief has to respect others too. To be agains't something means closing someone's rights too.If people are educated enough- don't call people names. YOUR RIGHTS is not all the same as others.


I actually do live in Canada...and let me tell you "Jo" and I live in the part where -10 is a nice day. In the winter season its gets to about -40 at times here but let me stress that I in NO way would EVER consider taking the skins off another living creatures back to stay warm It IS a fashion faux pas...I work in fashion andI know there are so many wonderful fabrics out there to use...there is absolutely no need to steal the skins off another living, breathing creature. Anyone who doesn't have compassion for other living creatures is emotionally inferior to those of us who evolutionary terms... you people suck. Its 2010 if you guys can't let go of yuor barbaric ways, then I suggest you walk to your closest bridge and jump you're making our species weak and setting us back when we should be moving forward.


of course PETA is attention seeking they are trying to help animals who cant speek for themselves,clearly this website that i am extremely loyal to is heartless, although some of the "d-list" celebs may be trying to seek attention through the organization, PETA is deffinitly not.


brooke shields disgusts me!!!! i hope she disapears like her crap career!


P.S. Peta should be going down to The Gulf and rescusing some of the animals,and financially helping some of the human beings that need caring about for real,instead of seeking out the latest person wearing fur.People have been choosing to wear fur for years. The people,birds and wildlife need a contribution from Peta more than Brooke Shields need to be criticized for coming in contact with a piece of fur.


Fur crying out loud,the next thing we know there will be a loud outcry about carrying around a "lucky" rabbit's foot,which didn't do the rabbit a damn bit of good considering the fact that he ended up without it.Seriously, I've seen people at church wearing a fox around their neck with the fox's eyes wide open,and see nothing wrong with it.A person is entitled to wear whatever they choose as long as they did not take it off another person to profile in. The next thing you know it is going to be considered a crime to boil water.


But, obviously so is Brooke Shields.
Oh well, never thought she was anything too impressive anyway.
I just wish she would watch the bunches of videos, or maybe ya know, actually visit, the fur farm.
Doubt it would change her mind though.
People who wear fur know everything after all.
Ignorance is bliss apparently....


Hope Brooke doesn't live in Southern California because the last time we needed to wear fur was duh never. PETA doesn't help the cause but to love fur that much seems a bit over the top.


Well I grew up on the East Coast of Canada and made fur coats for a living. I can understand Brooke's love of fur. The workmanship that it took to make a fur coat was incredible, the hand sewing extensive, I appreciate it as a work of art. There's nothing warmer than fur in -10 and below, nothing gets through. The feel of fur evokes a desire to snuggle & cuddle in warmth. It's unfortunate how society has made it a fashion faux pas.


PETA is always like this. Classless. Smear campaigns are not cute, and they don't work. Well, they work for people who are already behind the cause.
If PETA wants to make an impact on the world, they should get some taste. And maybe (like was mentioned before) actually spend time rescuing and helping, you know, animals.

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