People Hate Lindsay Lohan So Hard

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Only in Hollywood: Lindsay Lohan's lawyer is asking a judge to delay her trial because people hate her. Seriously, he claims she can't get a fair shake with a jury.

Ed McPherson represents Lindsay in the civil lawsuit in which people allege that she terrorized them during a wild, drunken Pacific Coast Highway joyride in 2007. 

This is the same incident for which Lindsay received a DUI, and which she is now on probation (and free on bail, and wearing a SCRAM device) as a result of.

Her attorney says the recent ankle monitor debacle is exactly why the civil lawsuit must be postponed - 'cause everyone wants her to crash and burn so bad!

According to McPherson, "Every facet of the criminal proceeding and every facet of Ms. Lohan's life ... have been reported on TMZ and other media outlets."

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Are THG, TMZ and our ilk biasing jurors against Linds?

Saying this occurs "literally on a daily (and sometimes hourly) basis, there are current widespread public feelings of intense negativity against Ms. Lohan." 

Referencing comments left on celebrity gossip sites, some of which are quite foul, McPherson says it's highly likely the jury pool will be tainted against her.

Since jury trials are not held anonymously and on message boards, he may be reaching a little bit there. But he does make another, more valid argument.

Since Lindsay could end up in jail for six months if the judge in her criminal case rules she violated her probation, the civil suit should be delayed, he says.

It won't be. The judge in the civil case already denied Lindsay's motion to postpone, though the issue may be revisited at her probation hearing on July 6.

NOTE: If you don't recall the incident she's being sued over, you gotta read this.


We all make mistakes. I know, I have made a few myself. I love you, Lindsay Lohan. Nobody what anyone thinks, I'm still your biggest fan. I really loved your playboy spread.


We all make mistakes. I know, I have made a few myself. I love you, Lindsay Lohan.


Lindsay Lohan is driving me crazy!! She should be rotting in jail. If she disappears into my hometown, she is toast! ya hear?


Why dont ppl just live within their own lives- I mean, if we all spent as much time picking apart ourselves & disecting every aspect of our life- maybe we'd all be better, happier ppl. Our whole society needs to grow up.


She continues to get the royal treatment, and she continues to screw up and lie and deny it. I wonder what her excuse is for the SCRAM bracelet going off. The judge told her that if it went off she was going to jail, it went off and she didn't go to jail, did she. This is getting disgusting. Is it any wonder why people dislike Lindsay. If it happened to anyone else, the judge would have them already in jail. It's the lawyers always getting her out of trouble that's creating the problem. They should blame themselves, they have created this monster. Lindsay should be in jail.


I don't wish the worst for Lindsay...I think it's time we started the Save LiLo campaign. I agree with Jan. People don't necessarily hate Lindsay; they hate her behavior. If she doesn't watch out she'll be the next Anna Nicole Smith. Maybe Lilo should read "The Killing of Anna Nicole Smith" and treat it as a cautionary tale.


How can you hate someone you don't know??? HATE is a very strong word.


I have read some of the things people write about Lindsay and it makes me wonder what kind of world we live in,people who don't even know her wish her the worst it is down right gross that people are full of hatred. I am a big fan of Lindsay and happen to think she is a very talented girl,yes she had made some mistakes but we all have, we are not here to judge or be judged.She is one strong girl for 23 years old she has been through more than most people will ever go through in a life time. I think the media she leave her alone and stop picking on her.


The reason everyone "hates" her so much is because repeatedly she's been given the royal treatment regarding the law. If everyone got special treatment, like she has, I don't think the hard feelings would be present.


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