Octomom: Living Hand to Mouth

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She was recently bailed out by PETA, but Nadya Suleman is currently living hand to mouth and in dire need of financial help, according to her lawyer, Jeff Czech.

We doubt anyone is surprised ... or concerned, for that matter.

“The truth is Nadya is living from month to month right now,” he said. “There are a few deals in the pipeline ... I hope that these will materialize for her family."

The attorney added that despite her mounting fiscal woes, “Fortunately, she does not seem to be getting down about the situation, though it does concern me.”

Nadya was able to keep her home after getting a six month California mortgage extension and PETA stepped in with a $5,000 home loan payment and food.

Octomom and Brood

The kids and bills add up fast. [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

But despite making a good amount of extra cash this year with various appearances, Nadya Suleman is still in financial trouble. Having 14 kids will do that.

“I want to do the best for her that I can," Czech said. "we have no legal rights to the biological father of her children being financially responsible for them.”

So we're blaming the dad? Shouldn't Nads take responsibility for her own actions? The Duggar family has 19 kids but support them debt free. Just saying.

The day of reckoning still may not be far off, either. Octomom faces foreclosure if she can't pay off her $450,000 California home loan by September 10.

She may want to take Vivid Entertainment up on its next offer.


Let's see...an unemployed woman getting workers compensation for a BAD BACK has SIX pregnancies ending in an octuplet one. She can't work but she CAN go through multiple pregnancies! No money, so she begs at first. Then she tries to pimp out the kids and plaster herself in the media and manages to make well over a MILLION DOLLARS in 2009. AND she spends the money like a drunken sailor. Lousy plastic surgery, designer clothes... Her baby's cleft lip is NOT fixed, though. 2010 and the public does not like her, most of the money is probably gone, AND she is back to begging! ***Okay suckers, start donating to a crazy, selfish, stupid unemployed mother of 14. OTHER women in her shoes make do with welfare! Why is SHE so special?


I have zero, zip, nada sympathy for Ms. Suleman. The best thing that can happen is to see her 14 hostages...er children, be put up for adoption and let Nadya sink back under the rock that she crawled out of.


I'm sure all of the CA residents love paying for this woman and her 14 kids health care. When is she getting a job to pay for all of her kids and nannies. St of CA needs to take ALL of these kids away and put up for adoption ASAP. Need to go to homes where they can be taken care of right.


BUTBUTBUT SHE WILL SUPPORT THEM BY GOING BACK TO SCHOOL!!! My god can she get any uglier? How many plastic surgeries has she had now? She looks like a camel wearing fake eyelashes.


My questions is: how the hell did this (single) woman get a loan for a $450K house???? Call me crazy but a $450K home for a single mother of 14 with no job seems like a bad idea.


Haha that John W Sharp poster is Nadya posting about herself again. That's so creepy. One of her babies is like 16 months old now and still has an unrepaired cleft lip. She's living in Southern California in a very expensive area instead of moving somewhere where she can actually afford to keep a roof over their heads. The woman just wants to be a celebrity and have everything handed to her.


Get out your violins and tip cups! Another Suleman beg fest coming soon. This chic is irresponsible and immature squared. Give her money and she will spend on botox and mink eyelashes. The tups DON"T EVEN HAVE SHOES! And Jonah is a YEAR overdue to have his cleft lip repaired!


Yeah, maybe she should've thought about her financial situation before she went out and artificially added 8 babies to her already large, single-parented family. She's a freakin' moron.


I really thought I would have seen this little 'plant' a couple of weeks ago, right after the interview with her mother. Don't fall for it people- do NOT send money. She just needs her eyelash extensions done again or some more surgery. If she can't pay the bills after all the money she has made, she should lose the house- not hers anyway is it? Didn't daddy buy it for her?


Nadya; If you are readig this... God bless you sweetheart! I think you are a VIP, very important person. A lot of little people depend on you... I respect that.. I find you very attractive... Good bye... We will discuss this again...


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