Octomom: Living Hand to Mouth

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She was recently bailed out by PETA, but Nadya Suleman is currently living hand to mouth and in dire need of financial help, according to her lawyer, Jeff Czech.

We doubt anyone is surprised ... or concerned, for that matter.

“The truth is Nadya is living from month to month right now,” he said. “There are a few deals in the pipeline ... I hope that these will materialize for her family."

The attorney added that despite her mounting fiscal woes, “Fortunately, she does not seem to be getting down about the situation, though it does concern me.”

Nadya was able to keep her home after getting a six month California mortgage extension and PETA stepped in with a $5,000 home loan payment and food.

Octomom and Brood

The kids and bills add up fast. [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

But despite making a good amount of extra cash this year with various appearances, Nadya Suleman is still in financial trouble. Having 14 kids will do that.

“I want to do the best for her that I can," Czech said. "we have no legal rights to the biological father of her children being financially responsible for them.”

So we're blaming the dad? Shouldn't Nads take responsibility for her own actions? The Duggar family has 19 kids but support them debt free. Just saying.

The day of reckoning still may not be far off, either. Octomom faces foreclosure if she can't pay off her $450,000 California home loan by September 10.

She may want to take Vivid Entertainment up on its next offer.


I'm with LaLa on this. This habitual reproducer's sense of entitlement and assumption of the right to consider herself a "celebrity" is nauseating. Taxpayers have been footing the bill for this brood-mare pile of trash. It's ridiculous that people who work for a living are expected to pay for this stupid pig's litter!Nobody respects this slob, who chose to milk society for all it's willing to give to pay the bills for an entire litter of white-trash children.Why should taxpayers foot the bill for this nasty sow?And who paid the bill for those obvious Restalyne lip injections and that house?We did. Wake up. Of course she's hated! If you actually worked for a living and made your own way in life and paid taxes for irresponsible, self-entitled losers like this trashy pig, perhaps you would get it, numb-skulled juvenile!Give us an opinion once you finally grow up and get a job and support yoiurself for once.


what trash! thank god only a couple news outlets even care about her anymore! soon it will be none!


No matter what we think of her, her actions and reactions, we all need to think more of her children. Maybe if she had a money manager she could count on, put her on a limited allowance while making sure all the payments were made, maybe that would help. Face it CA......you are going to be paying for these kids no matter what, so how about letting them stay with their mom, and working around it. Make the right thing easy to do, and the wrong thing hard. She doesn't need our $$$$ help, she needs to be sterilized and NOW, but those kids sure deserve a good life. So forget momma, she's past rescuing......focus on the babies. Make sure there is an account set up for the maintenance of the children people.......and have someone else spend the money on them to be sure their needs are met. She can take care of herself.


Reading something somewhere should not be something used as a basis for passing judgement on another human being whom you've never even met.


I'm a mom in the army. I work very hard and make a lot of sacrifices to give my son a good home and childhood. It disgusts me to read about this woman who doesn't lift a finger for society and yet thinks she is entitled to the life of a celeb. I read somewhere she made over $1 million last year off her newest kids and yet didn't even bother to make mortgage payments on the house her kids are living in. She obviously doesn't care one lick about them.


Kelley Folsom, she isn't a girl. Girls are 18. This is a 34 year old woman who is still wearing Abercrombie, says a lot about her maturity level! The only "mistakes" of hers that people have sympathy for are her poor kids!


Perhaps she mistakenly assumed that she would be able to support her family with a reality show like the Duggars and Jon and Kate do. I guess nobody told her that alot people consider single mothers pond scum. Oh wait, she WAS offered a reality show, but turned it down because she was afraid people would accuse her of misusing her children, although no one seems bothered by the Duggars or Jon & Kate using reality tv as a means of supporting their very large families. This girl can't win for trying.


She'd still have plenty to live on if she hadn't blown it all on that expensive neighborhood, the costly personal services, cosmetic surgeries and celebu-tart wardrobe purchases. I'd rather build a bonfire with my money than donate one dollar of it to this idiot. Let her go on welfare and food stamps. At least then she'll have to downsize her lifestyle and get a job to contribute to her family's expenses.


John W Sharp: If you are reading this, the US farts on you. It farts a great, big stinky fart. On you. Goodbye. No need to discuss the obvious such as: a. You need a new eye prescription.
b. You need a job and
b. You're full of yourself, Nadya-- er, John W Sharp


LMAO @ John W Sharp. He's also on ROL trying to contact Naomi Campbell. I've got zero concern over this skank. She thought she would be riding the reality show gravy train until the reality of what a douche she is became known to the public. What other "mother" (and I use that term even more loosely than her va jay jay) would equate the kids to an unwanted litter of animals and shoot plastic babies out her twat for $500 bucks?


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