MTV Movie Awards Fashion Face-Off: T.I. vs. Diddy

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T.I. Diddy. It's a clash of rapping titans and music moguls in this latest fashion clash from the MTV Movie Awards - and to the winner goes all the glory.

To the loser? Possibly a flurry bullets to the chest. Just kidding.

Hey, it's a fact that T.I. just served time in prison for possession of semiautomatic weapons. But he's halfway-housin' it now, and looking rather dapper.

Diddy, meanwhile, opted for a more casual look on Sunday night as he promoted his new film with Russell Brand and Jonah Hill, Get Him to the Greek.

Which of their styles worked best? You tell us below ...

Handsome T.I.

Who looked more handsome last night?


Dude you can't even compare the two. T.I suited up, on his gentleman with a splash of gangsta swag. Vs Diddy who seems he just got back from a flash back to late 80's party and happened to stop by to the MTV movie awards.


Diddy. T.I's suit looks like .


T.I. hands down. Diddy looks straight from the 80s

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