MTV Movie Awards Fashion Face-Off: J-Woww vs. Snooki

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When Jersey Shore stars collide in a style showdown at the MTV Movie Awards, there's no telling who will prevail - or what ridiculous clothes they'll put on.

See The Situation vs. Pauly D from earlier.

Now, it's the ladies' turn. One cast member is Amazonian-like with ginormous fake breasts. The other? A 4'8" Oompa Loompa, complete with dark orange hue.

If the MTV Movie Awards were essentially the Twilight Awards (thank you, Robsten kiss), then Jersey Shore was a close second. Those peeps were everywhere.

Who looked better (and we use the term loosely) last night, J-Woww or Snooki? Vote below and help us determine the winner of this latest fashion clash ...

JWoww Action
Nicole 'Snooki'

Who looked better last night?


who are them again??


wow. both these s outfits look like crazy muffin- top sh!t


Neither, they both look ridiculous!


L O L, literally laughing out loud of that Oompa Loompa comment. Made my day.

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