Miley Cyrus: What's Her Most Ridiculous Look?

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In her recent defense of her new image, Miley Cyrus said"I feel more comfortable" dressing in the type of attire she's donned on stage over the last few weeks.

To this, we say: Come on, Miles.

Kendall Jenner Fashion

There's no earthly way any human being can be comfortable in the outfits you wore at the 2010 MuchMusic Video Awards on Sunday night. We've already gone off on the black ensemble, so allow us to say this about the other one featured below:

Yech! We feel disgusting even writing this, but there's no way the world should get such an up-close view of how closely you shave down there. You're 17. Please, please put it away.

Which Miley Cyrus outfit is more ridiculous?


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@Rose, ill forgive you . @clair, you think i should get a life? xD LMFAO!
your the one who thinks that its okay to talk bad about celebrities, they also have feelings, they are freaking humans .
maybe you dont like Miley, but keep it for yourself, because no one wanna fucking hear it .. [bitch]


omg, she looks horrible..


miles fanforlife you need to stop it and don`t tell us what to do. your not the shut up.oh is your life what miley does,do you dress like her at the concert and you are 12 years old and you need to stop talk one never talks to you trash so why do you talk to them like that.whats your problme anyway.[dork-o]so get a life.[freak].


miles fanforlife.why are you so stupid?why are you a big fan of miley.she`s dumb. man whats your problme anyway and why are you mean to everybody that hates let them say something about miley and shut up your so mean to reese and rose man stop with the name calling already.[bud head].


miley is stupid and why is she wearing those clothes and miley`s dad need to slap her for wearing those clothes.and miles fanforlife. rose was trying to say sorry to you because i went to her house and her cusin really said that to you. so please for give her. she didn`t mean to.


Miles fanforlife stop telling me what to do and i`m so sorry i said that to cusin made me said that to you. please i`m sorry alright.please for give me.p.l.e.a.s.e.


sorry for putting in my opinion, little girl.
cant wait to see the way you turn out.


She looks like Mariah Carey in the white outfit.


@Reese, shut up!
i have always been liking Miley! ALWAYS!
and, i say what i want to!, i think the clothes is amazing . and before Miley start dressing like ''that'' i liked other celebrites who dressed like that!
its not miley that made me like it!, and i SO dont care .


@Rose, why should i stop?
its MY life! i can do whatever i wanna do, and say!
you should go get a brain, you fucking retard! MILEY FOR LIFE! ♥