Miley Cyrus: What's Her Most Ridiculous Look?

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In her recent defense of her new image, Miley Cyrus said"I feel more comfortable" dressing in the type of attire she's donned on stage over the last few weeks.

To this, we say: Come on, Miles.

Kendall Jenner Fashion

There's no earthly way any human being can be comfortable in the outfits you wore at the 2010 MuchMusic Video Awards on Sunday night. We've already gone off on the black ensemble, so allow us to say this about the other one featured below:

Yech! We feel disgusting even writing this, but there's no way the world should get such an up-close view of how closely you shave down there. You're 17. Please, please put it away.

Which Miley Cyrus outfit is more ridiculous?


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well it`s stupid that miley is wearing those clothes.but im just saying that miley shouldn`t wearing those.cuz she is stupid but i think she wants to be like evrybody else.well i`m just saying it`s her choice[wants her fans to hate her or shut up and get a job] well it`s her choice. so who`s with me.


Whoever the author of this article is, GET A LIFE!
Stop writing lame articles about Miley Cyrus!
Why cant you bash urself such as *ooh, I am so jealous of Miley; I am not as georgous as she is; I need to find a guy to marry so I can get my mind off this thing!


miles fanforlife where do you live. well i live in popevalley


milesfanforlife im back.. sorry my dad wants me to stay with him longer sooooooo i think it was almost 1 my brithday was on [july 12] so now im 12 wow weird isn`t it but i heard that everybody hates you because i look on my dsi and that is so stupid that everybody hates you because you like miley.but who cares you can like miley if you want,too so just egnore everybody okay becaues thats what i do just don`t write anything back to them because it`s going to be the wrost day of evrybody day so just egnore everybody that hates okay.


This article is hilarious! XD


laisla maybe u should stop hating bcuz it makes u look like a lowlife!cuz instead of admiring some1 ur hating on them!so imjust saving urself from embarrasment okay! and i think miley looks gorgeous[like always] in both outfits! she is very talented so fukin beautiful, thats why she has alot of haterz cuz u guys wish u guys could be her! now u haterz go do somethin beter, go fuk some1 but do something with ur life cuz hating isnt getting u no where ok haterz FUK OFF! -i luv u miley!


Weirdo stalkers.Hey, Miley is in your minds, so that gives you the right to be in her bushes peeping in her windows,and it all evens out that way right?Oh, and please calm down Claire. You're going to pop a blood vessel getting so worked up over such trivial nonsense, Prom Mom. What is a "preson," by the way? No more crack for you. For you to call somebody else"stupid" and "trash" is pretty ironic considering the way you've spelled such a simple word.


the withe one is a body and not a panty ... and i think it actually looks cool with the ribbons


Why should we stop hating on her?
If she acts like stupid dumb slut whore then we have all the rights to hate her - I can't believe young girls actually look up to her as a role model when she cleary isn't one - anymore at least.


@rose, haha . yeah we are good [: