Miley Cyrus Tours Globe, Changes Up Her Look

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It's been a busy week for Miley Cyrus.

She has sung about Nick Jonas in Portugal, blabbed to Billboard magazine about her new album and bashed Fox's Glee, along with musicals in general.

In between, Miley has rocked a few different looks, both on stage and on the street.

First, it was the retro, bathing suit-type outfit; then, your basic, black leather; after that, Cyrus actually resembled a 17-year old again, greeting fans in France.


Poor Fashion Choice
Miley in Black
In France


well i hate all of the ofits its all inorpropiate well except the last ofit i would totally wear that 1 but seriously !!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the retro look it looks so trashy and if i was miley cyrus i wouldent wear those ofits in front of teenagers.


ehhh i think the only person that can rock a bathing suit on stage is katy perry


I like the cuts off... just because I really love those heels!! The Retro looks a lot better on her though.


BRC once told me it's all in how you see things. So, I guess it's true. I liked the retro 'bathing suit'. I thought it was more modest, in spite of the fact it pulled up somewhat. By pop standards, far less skin showing. You are right though....Miley has GREAT legs!! I think she's cute and her little gravely voice is fun!

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