Miley Cyrus to the World: Get Over Me, Focus on Peace!

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It's official: Miley Cyrus is the most self-centered celebrity on the planet.


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    Well miley is acting slut ty just to get attencion thats what her company wants and them when her albums stop selling she will be her own goddy like kid and will be saying I made mistakes in life well she just changes and kissing a girl but why do I care its not my life anyway!!!!!!!!!! althought I liked her music and her sister follows her steps but again WHY DO I CARE!?!?!?


    in ur face b****! miley u think the world revolves around u, well it doesnt whore!!!and yes b**** we are focusing on something more important things then u!!ur such a selfish brat!i cant believe ur dad allows u to act like that. ithink ur dad lets u act like that because ur bringing home the money and fame.well thats not gonna last sweetheart.go put on some clothes and deal with it. man i just hope ur little sister noah doesnt turn out to be a slut like.


    Okay so I'm onto page 3 of this thread and I'm done with it already. I just wanted to give some advice to the writer before I left. You're overly-biased posts about Miley are actually making you sound unintelligent, and out-right ignorant at times. If you tone your hatred down just a little bit, and try and actually write based off of what you know, good and darn well she is trying to say, this thread might actually be decent. I can read thoughtful criticism, but you're going to extremes to twist everything that Miley says into something horrible and negative. It doesn't make you a good writer, in case that's what you are trying to be. You're about 3 notches away from Perez Hilton, and imo, that's wayyy too close.


    Oh THG..I love you!



    Your doing it again....


    The media is not making this into an issue; Miley is making it an issue by her actions.
    And just because she didn't physically kiss the dancer, that means it doesn't matter that she DELIBERATELY made it look like she was?
    I don't get it...she says she's a what is she hoping to achieve by simulating a lesbian kiss?


    Focus on peace? ahahahaha. I thought she'd be a little smarter than that. What a corny fake line


    Typical...WORLD PEACE! guys I totally like promise that I like didn't kiss her, and who cares yo? Ugh...I hate her a little bit more everytime I read something about her


    good point..! miley..stop being plastic..


    "Nothing ends a scandal faster than simply ignoring it."

    thats the biggest piece of shit I've ever heard.

    leave the kid alone. the sad thing is you hate this girl so much, yet you put sooo much effort into your blogs. you're obsessed. she'\s ONE 17 YEAR OLD GIRL IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!! WHO CAREES??????????????

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