Miley Cyrus to Critics: You Just Don't Get It!

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As she goes around the globe, donning skimpy clothing and trying way too hard to prove she's no longer an innocent Disney drone, Miley Cyrus has come under fire for... well, donning skimpy clothing and trying way too had to prove she's no longer an innocent Disney drone.

But, in an interview with the BBC this week, Miley sent a message to critics that feel this way: suck it!

"They can think what they want,” she said. “Those are people who are just close-minded and don’t understand art."

As for the criticism she's received over the last couple years in general, Cyrus said:

“Everyone goes through a bad point in their life and makes bad choices. But they just haven’t been published and it hasn’t been documented on the Internet. You can see how that would drive people crazy. I would like to see you at 21 and video that and put that out there for people to comment on.”

As well-known Miley haters (to the maker of this video: you rule!), THG must respond with a few points:

  1. Miley, you are 17. Not 21. That's a huge difference. Get back to us when you can vote, purchase tobacco, fight in a war, graduate from college and buy alcohol legally.
  2. If what you are doing is "art," then Britney Spears is Picasso. You're wearing tight leather outfits and singing about how hot you are and how every guy out there gives you "mad attention." Get over yourself. You're a cliched pop singer.
  3. It doesn't matter what the average teenager would do, if his/her bad decisions were "published" or not. You're not average. You're a multi-millionaire, a global icon. Your defense for past actions boils down to: "Oh yeah? Well, everyone else does that, too!" That's a lame cop-out for anyone to hide behind, let alone someone who is supposed to act in a responsible manner because she's a role model to girls around the world... whether she chooses (or deserves) to be or not.

If my daughter went out in public like that, and tried to call it "art", yeah... that wouldn't pass with me. miley's going to grow up, duh.. but i wish she would do it in a classier way. i hate seeing another young girl with potential turn into a arrogant skank. miley dissapoints me.


Fantastic post, THG! Well said!


fuck off miley haters!


miley im huge fan but girl you are acting stupid u wanna grow then grow in a right way and wtf you talk talk about liam and you say that youre deeper and now you breaking go to hell


Seriously, Shut up! There are worse things in this world then this. Instead of hating on the Hollywood role models, why don't we try to instill confidence in young girls and teach them how to handle the media. Its not Miley, Britney, or anyone Else's fault for what girls do in this world. that's their parents responsibility and job. Get a life and let Miley live hers and express herself the way she wants.


Here in Denmark it's legal to buy alcohol when you're 16 and vote when you're 18


I believe that Miley is acting out. Just a few months ago she was in deep infatuation with Liam,and now he seems to be a part of her past.Her sudden burst of wild thing behavior is unattractive,considering the fact that less than a year ago, she was the equivalent of a wholesome well adjusted teenager.This new Janis Joplin onstage behavior is a cry for help.Miley has worked hard,and entertained on a constant level winning the love of millions.She is on her way to being burned out with this new and untamed image that she is trying to project.Billy Ray, are you paying attention,your young daughter is putting herself out there,and is about to become (little) girl lost in an industry that will eat you alive.


Okay since when did wearing skimpy things= art. Gotta go out on my daisy dukes.
She really needs to get some more schooling and put on some damn clothes.


miley cyrus? OMG! she's almost perfect. so... for those people who really hates her, GET LOST! mind ur own business. BITCHES RULES! HAHAHAH.


♥♥miley,for me what you do is just nothing!!! it's was just a new image of you !!


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