Miley Cyrus: Tamed by Eminem and Drake!

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Miley Cyrus has made it painfully clear for weeks now: she simply cannot be tamed.

But while this may be true in her wardrobe choices, the singer was cut down to size on the music charts last week. Her latest album, "Can't Be Tamed," finished third in sales, behind Eminem's "Recovery" and Drake's "Thank Me Later."

It was expected that Eminem would lead the way, but not by this wide of a margin. His new CD had the biggest opening week of any in 2010, moving over 753,000 copies.

As for Miley? She has to be disappointed, as "Can't Be Tamed" sold just 106,000 albums. That's an astounding 250,000 fewer than Cyrus' 2008 effort, "Breakout," sold during its first week of release.


Miley's fans will surely complain about our biased coverage now and make up excuses for their favorite artist. And that's fine, that's their right and we admire their passion.

But numbers don't lie: recent poll results show 70% of respondents laugh at the idea of Cyrus as a role model; moreover, her new CD actually sold fewer copies than her previous CD sold in its second week of release.

As we've been saying all along, is it possible Miley's new image may have gotten her attention, but turned away her fan base? Might she have been better served by slowly evolving as an artist, as opposed to pulling every transparent, cheap trick in the book just to prove she's changed?

These are questions Miley, her handlers and her cult-like followers will need to consider carefully.

I'm So Edgy!
A Tired Move

The public - literally! - is not buying Miley's tired attempts to be edgy and mature.


Hiltonhater, i actually liked the way you wrote the article . its nice . ughh, i bought Mileys album, and i think that Cant Be Tamed is her best album, she ever made




@Hollywood: I think the comment you're referring to and the user's name are utterly pathetic and immature.
I enjoy informed, intelligent debates and never resort to name-calling or the use of dirty words. I don't approve of that anywhere on our site, no matter which side of a debate someone falls on. I try to make all points in my articles clear, well-written and consistent. I'm not "aligned" with that person, though, any more than you're aligned with the 10-year old Miley fans on here that can't spell words correctly.
All that said, aside from this individual's user name, the comment is strongly negative, but doesn't use the sort of language we'll actually censor on the site.


@Hilton Hater: Liked your comment. And knowing which end of the 'Miley Spectrum' you're on,I have just one question that I'd appreciate an honest answer for. Will you do that? The question is: You can see the post left by @MileyisaHorseF#@&*%^(mentally damaged name btw)and I just gotta know---is THIS really the type of depraved perverse individuals you want to align yourself with? I mean I get that you don't like her,but---do you really think that person's type of degenerative festering pus is the way to go?? That's the kind of disgusting crap that causes me to battle here. It's cool to have an opinion,but some stuff is just WARPED. Give me the positive any day...I look forward to your answer...Later; Hollywood---out...


Lol, this girl is just so stupid. I used to hate her so much, but now I just few sorry for her dumbass attitudes. Someone seriously needs to go to her and say "Sorry, Miles, but the IM SO HOT LOOK AT MY TITS AND MY TINY SHORTS thing isn't working. Get over yourself, put some pants, girl." Growing up doesn't mean turning into a total slut. Soon no one will give a crap about this talentless bitch and then, sooner or later, sex tapes and scandals will be comin. Can't wait to see her image COMPLETELY destroyed.


its True; 3rd Place doesnt sound too bad, hmm ? BUT;
The numbers are astonishing. 1O6,OOO as 3rd place, and 7OO,OO+
as first ? MAJOR DIFFERENCE compared to eminem. Plus, it sold
less than her Old album from 'O7 & 'O8, Breakout. Amazing ;D And im not a big fan of miley cyrus. i have absolutely "no comment"
about her image, all i can say is i don't really listen to her
songs or know most of them :P LOL. But from songs ive heard, she isnt so bad, so people really need to stfu about hating/


From articles posted by various sites prior to the release of the album, the expectations varied from 105,000 to 125,000. The 106,000 falls into what was expected. This album was not directed towards the 5(?) to 12(?) year old portion of her fan base(aka Hannah Montana fan base) due to its more adult theme. I doubt if parents of this age group went out and bought it. On her appearance on the Dave Letterman show she expressed concern because she was venturing into new territory. Essentially she is starting all over. It's interesting that you only took a slice of the whole picture, but then, that's where your bias takes over.


@Hollywood: That was a completely reasonable explanation by someone on your end of the Miley spectrum.
Thank you for at least acknowledging the record clearly fell below expectations before you took the positive side to this issue. That makes you an enjoyable person to debate with.


Lol:] it's so funny how she making her life horriable:DShe only 17 years old & she getting all worked up?lol.Really?Have you notice that she feels better witt dat guy Nick Jonas?Uhh 4 me,she's showing off!She looks lik she doesn't even like Selena Gomez.Becuz Selena dated nick--dats y Miley never liked Selena.She[Miley]dah reason y Demi&Selena aren't friends.But i tottaly agree witt Hilton Hater.Miles is juss destroying her life like this.But really,it's juss funny on how she being stupid.


The numbers don't lie and if Miley were smart (not mature but smart) she would milk her child fans as much as she could while she could. Otherwise, her next album will sell less and so on until she eventually turns into a 21 year old has been. PS - She had better stick to music because her acting is comparable to a card board cut out.

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