Miley Cyrus: Tamed by Eminem and Drake!

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Miley Cyrus has made it painfully clear for weeks now: she simply cannot be tamed.

But while this may be true in her wardrobe choices, the singer was cut down to size on the music charts last week. Her latest album, "Can't Be Tamed," finished third in sales, behind Eminem's "Recovery" and Drake's "Thank Me Later."

It was expected that Eminem would lead the way, but not by this wide of a margin. His new CD had the biggest opening week of any in 2010, moving over 753,000 copies.

As for Miley? She has to be disappointed, as "Can't Be Tamed" sold just 106,000 albums. That's an astounding 250,000 fewer than Cyrus' 2008 effort, "Breakout," sold during its first week of release.


Miley's fans will surely complain about our biased coverage now and make up excuses for their favorite artist. And that's fine, that's their right and we admire their passion.

But numbers don't lie: recent poll results show 70% of respondents laugh at the idea of Cyrus as a role model; moreover, her new CD actually sold fewer copies than her previous CD sold in its second week of release.

As we've been saying all along, is it possible Miley's new image may have gotten her attention, but turned away her fan base? Might she have been better served by slowly evolving as an artist, as opposed to pulling every transparent, cheap trick in the book just to prove she's changed?

These are questions Miley, her handlers and her cult-like followers will need to consider carefully.

I'm So Edgy!
A Tired Move

The public - literally! - is not buying Miley's tired attempts to be edgy and mature.


@Tilly: I can certainly relate to 'Disappointed'---Cause there are very few that I am more disappointed in---than YOU...


Miley? Intelligent??? Dude you just rock the crap boat.... she isnt even going to college, she is as dumb as hell, she cant even answer simple questions well!! Puhleeease dude get a grip of your life... how old are you really... l am seriously getting curious!!


Why is the bitch touching her vajayjay in that photo??? And you call her a #1 star... you guys are all crazy or maybe you are all bitches too... l am dissapointed in you!!


I am talking about transforming in a way that doesnt get you losing so many fans... yes l would say 106 000 is good but definitely not for Miley... she was a star perfomer!! Wasnt she #1 twice??? You cant deny that she has clearly lost a lot of fans dont you??? I do think Miley has talent, but she needs to cool down and win hearts back...
And no l dont think she should be like Selena or Taylor, l was just giving examples of young stars who are also transforming. adopting good publicity and gaining respect techniques surely isnt a bad thing to copy from a fellow artist is it???


@Claire: What in the world are you talking about? You say 'had such potential' like it's over or something. It's far from over,and NO she doesn't need to be Selena or Taylor---She needs to be Miley. THEY need to be who they are...If that's who you like---go for-it! But don't try to turn Miley into them. It ain't gonna happen. And No---I don't think she has to conform to a different target audience if she don't want to. And apparently at least 106,000 so far seem to like what she's been doing just fine. Which means you have the answer to your question,but---just what are 'normal senses' anyway? Do you mean conform? Fit-in at all costs?? Are you in-line with @Randyjacksonsbutt's theory---'Do what you must to 'Milk' people'??... And after a couple of comments you made earlier,I thought you were going to be alright. Then this one. Multiple sadness...Maybe you need a few minutes to reflect,cause at the moment---your viewpoint is getting more skewed as we go...Later;Hollywood---out...


@Doesn't Matter: Really? "Nothing to be proud of." Can You sell 106,000 copies of---anything---upon release?? Somehow---I doubt it. Until you can---your theory sucks. She's building a new fanbase. And NO---it doesn't consist of small young ones anymore. Mainly,because She(Miley)is not a small young one anymore. She wants something new,since,from this year on she will be an adult,and will only grow more so as time goes on. She has changed,and doesn't have to go back to the cute little girl stuff to please you or really anyone. She came-out as Hannah,but in the end---she is now, and has actually always been---Miley Cyrus. So you can live in the past,and wish for her to be who you knew then, or come along with her fans and embrace who she is now as well as the persona she presented for her start...However,trying to run her down for either---is just wrong. Later; Hollywood---out.


Although I have never been a Miley fan (I actually have an indifferent opinion of her), I can say that I find her to be extra annoying these days. I understand her longing to be "older," but her sleezy outfits and poorly thought out interview answers are beginning to come off as nothing short of desperate. My main problem with her is that she is trying to put herself on the same untouchable pedestal that Britney Spears has been sitting on for a decade. The thing is, Britney Spears' audience has always been slightly older, as where Miley has always reached out to the 7 year-olds. She's essentially abandoning her core fan group. Her career is bound to be doomed. BTW... coming from an avid music fan/charts follower, debuting in third place with 106,000 copies sold is nothing to be proud of. Especially when her last two albums debuted with significantly (more like extremely) higher numbers.


yeah she has changed and i think that some of her fans turned away from her because of that, but i think the number of new fans will grow as she will grow more into her new image. the album was released just after the image break and many of her now aimed for audience only know her as the nice hannah montana. it will take time to gather a new fan base that was as stable as her old and we all knew she would loose some fame (for good or a little while) as soon as she breaks ties with disney. the question is if this will hold, or if she manages to rise again...i think she has potential


Alot of these stars that (particularly young girls) think are hot actually have a super short shelf life. Remeber Aaron Carter? Same thing will happen with Bieber, Miley etc... They are just the flavour of the moment. In a few years even Lady Gaga will be forgotten. One things for sure, Eminem will outlast all of them.


right btw im just gonna say one thing
see a role model is someone eho someone decides wow there amazing they have a lot of good i wanna be like them
a lot of the ppl yuu would say are role model are fake and they arent rue to themself now my role model is miley cyrus and ill tell you why:
she is true to herself
she does what she like doing
she doesnt care what you think is right and wrong she makes her own mind up about stuff
she cares and loves for things
she makes mistakes and she isnt afraid to admit that theres lodes more so leave her be please and cant be tamed is awesome. More people who dislike her are stating to like her neew songs i know friends and family who didnt like her music befgre who now dae.

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