Miley Cyrus: Tamed by Eminem and Drake!

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Miley Cyrus has made it painfully clear for weeks now: she simply cannot be tamed.

But while this may be true in her wardrobe choices, the singer was cut down to size on the music charts last week. Her latest album, "Can't Be Tamed," finished third in sales, behind Eminem's "Recovery" and Drake's "Thank Me Later."

It was expected that Eminem would lead the way, but not by this wide of a margin. His new CD had the biggest opening week of any in 2010, moving over 753,000 copies.

As for Miley? She has to be disappointed, as "Can't Be Tamed" sold just 106,000 albums. That's an astounding 250,000 fewer than Cyrus' 2008 effort, "Breakout," sold during its first week of release.


Miley's fans will surely complain about our biased coverage now and make up excuses for their favorite artist. And that's fine, that's their right and we admire their passion.

But numbers don't lie: recent poll results show 70% of respondents laugh at the idea of Cyrus as a role model; moreover, her new CD actually sold fewer copies than her previous CD sold in its second week of release.

As we've been saying all along, is it possible Miley's new image may have gotten her attention, but turned away her fan base? Might she have been better served by slowly evolving as an artist, as opposed to pulling every transparent, cheap trick in the book just to prove she's changed?

These are questions Miley, her handlers and her cult-like followers will need to consider carefully.

I'm So Edgy!
A Tired Move

The public - literally! - is not buying Miley's tired attempts to be edgy and mature.


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cant belife it...her songs are so awesome. or maby her fans grew up n learnt how to download from internet instead of buying the original copy. luv her new album. dnt wory miley continue fighting


If you dont care why are you here? Miley's voice is great so just shut up! , Dont be so bitchy bout others! I bet you cant even get into college cus ur busy finding other people's mistakes while urs is still there so just back off and get a life!


i am really upset about cyrus at the mo i am dearly a massive fan but i wish she would go nack to hannah not a fake bad girl even liam thinks she just wants the attention. but thats her life so she puts it that way so if she wants to lose fans she can carry on even i'm trailing of miley... remember the old days smiley miley1


hahahah thats so funny.!
u say u dont defend idiots and yet ur defending miley (The biggest idiot of them all)
& wow u have no life.!
at least i dont get on every minute trynna see if they answer me
like u.!
get a clue loser.!


@Anonymous(what a shame you're not more so): Naaah---I don't think you'll stop hating because of my texts(or any others for that matter)---that would involve for most of you haters a full frontal lobotomy. And I am Soooo-glad you aren't Miley,cause if you were---I couldn't defend her anymore. 'Cause You are an Idiot---and I don't defend idiots...And the whole phrase is; "Thanks for playin'---Buh-Bye!"(You skeevy little weasel)...Later,hater;Hollywood---out...


and u think that respondin to what we write with huge texts will get us to stop hatin the retarded miley cyrus
and im not jealous cuz to tell u the truth
i would rather be me than her
her life is seriously screwed up
but whatever no one really reads what u say anyways
so buh bye


lol she wouldn't be anything without Disney, her voice when singing doesn't sound the same without the digital touch ups. I think that she is just following the normal thing that follows as so (more or less) get famous>clean rep> things go down hill(because they want to change)> then they are famous for being famous. why change whats no broken, I mean come on they said she could be a billion-air by the age of 25 if she didn't change. Her net is approx.$300 million. At least thats what VH1 said so yea. Lol I didn't think she would whore out as fast as she did, man shes really trying to go for the record too. I don't think that she Will be hotter the naughtier she get maybe the other way around, she might even become a nasty mess. But then again I think to myself why the hell should I care shes set for life, and its not gonna hurt her not to see a lot of albums or losing fans or anything


@Anonymous: Your head is hurting, because a head like yours---is supposed to ache. It's probably from you trying to read something other than 'See Dick Run' books(if you made it that far). And why would I be bothered if you read my comments or not? This is not exclusively Your site. Anyone can come on here and debate and retaliate against your lunatic point of view,or any of the other haters sooooo---Your request for me to 'STFU'---Is Denied...In-fact---go get Bent...Later,hater; Hollywood---out...


@hollywood dude just stfu already
your just defending her because u think she's hot.!
no doubt about it
stop freakin replyin to everyone no one gives a crap what you think
we have our own opinions and we dont need someone to tell us what they think about it.
especially a annoyin guy like u
i wouldnt be surprised if u WERE miley cyrus by what you reply.
no one even reads it so stfu already givin me a headache!

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