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@Seph: Thank you for posting actual facts. I've made the corrections and appreciate a Miley fan actually making a logical point, as opposed to coming back at us with: "Oh yeah??? U suck!"


Yawn. Just a few things...
- Rio is not in Europe
- G-A-Y is not in Paris (it is a nightclub in London)
- Actually Cyrus performed in London and Madrid
I think it's time to move on.


i don't get why this website is totaly against miley, she never did anything to you!


you made this WAY too easy...next time try harder


seriously...if your only trick in the book is to make fun of miley cyrus to get people to comment on your site, that's pretty sad.


@AnszlieBwabiie and @ruchi

where the hell did you learn to read write and spell??

unless you have some kind of mental disability, that is really embarrassing for the american education system - if you are from the states that is.
holy crap!

don't be so lazy! learn to use a keyboard and all the letters it has to offer!! seriously.

i can't even understand the comments you make because you have so badly bastardized the English language.



Desperate to prove you are a relevant site.
Yawn. We've been here and seen these comments multiple times in the past. At the very least, it would be nice if you offered readers something remotely creative...
You written some hilarious comments... which are totally non-relevant.
Your post are like every talentless commenter that can't make it on talent alone.

See, I can be uncreative too. NOW, go get a real job and stop bashing on teenagers for being teenagers. What are you shocked to hear that teenagers actually behave this way when adults aren't around. You may need to get out more. In Miley's case it's just a stage act, or pictures of things she has done when her parents weren't around and were never intended for the public. Take all that away and all you have is a normal girls, who happens to have the ability to make lots of money, and who has raised or given Million or dollars to charity. How about researching and commenting about that!


we need a "days until she turns 18" countdown


shes probably undr d illusion dat her legs r hot or smthng........miles, i m against d continues critism dat u get bt c'mn u realli rnt dat pretty!!........


She is so gross.eeeew!


i fiink miley cyrus is 2 desperate no wi mean luk at wat shesz doing now adaiisz really shesz changed so badly

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