Miley Cyrus Remains Unoriginal, Pathetic, Desperate for Attention

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The Miley Cyrus street walking tour continued this weekend.

Desperate to prove she's no longer an innocent Disney teen (except when she wants to garner sympathy from her fans, that is), Cyrus performed in Rio and in London over the last couple days.

The derivative act remained the same, as Cyrus wore fewer layers than Kendra Wilkinson; writhed around with back-up dancers on stage; and copied the exact same script Britney Spears perfected years ago: How to Be Edgy and Sexy, While Playing the Innocent, 17-Year Old Card Whenever Anyone Dares to Call You Out for Such Pathetic Acts and Lack of Talent.

Yawn. We've been here and seen this multiple times in the past. At the very least, it would be nice if Miley offered fans something remotely creative...

The New Miles
Grinding It Up

Miley Cyrus is totally innocent and naive, people! Where would you ever get the idea she'd make out with a girl in order to prove her edginess?!? [Photos: Splash News]

At G-A-Y night club in Paris, meanwhile, Cyrus put on a hilarious performance: she sung inspirational ballad "The Climb," while dressed like someone in a movie produced by Vivid Entertainment. You must watch:

Below, we've posted more videos of Miley performing in London and dressed like every talentless young star that can't make it on talent alone.

[video url="" title="Can't Be Tamed in Paris"] [/video]

[video url="" title="G-A-Y Performance"] [/video]

Bathing Suit on Stage
In Rio
What is This Outfit?!?

Witnesses at the London club said they could see Miley's underwear during most of her performance. Stay classy, girl!


Hate to break it to ya, but the only reason she is famous is cause of her platinum cds, her sold-out world tour, her top-rated tv show, her billion-dollar endorsements, and her good looks. She can really sing that well live, she's a great actress, too. She is the one who started her dad off with Hannah Montana. The only difference between her and Whaaa? is that she is rich and successful and you aren't.


@Miley lover;; Hate to break it to ya, but the only reason she is famous is cause of her dad. She can't really sing that well live, she's not a good actress, either..Her dad was the one who started her off with Hannah Montana. The only thing she did on her own was dress and "pretend to" make out with another girl dancer like Britney Spears...the only difference? Spears actually kissed someone, and didn't complain about it like Miley.


Hilton-Hater stop it !
miley is SO talented!, and if she wasn't,she wouldnt be famous!
shes the most beautiful&' most talented girl in the whole world!
shes my favorite singer&actor, and shes my rolemodel! ♥


@GossipGirl, sorry I had to read your comments a few times to understand what you were saying...Whaaa? Miley knows better. She really does. she's only doing what she's doing and dressing like she is to get attention. She knows dressing with only her-what looks like a leotard- and a jacket will get her tons of negative attention and blogs..but as long as she's getting attention, she must be fine with it, because she isn't changing her wardrobe. I'll admit it, I don't like Miley. I don't like how she's appearing. but I love this site for speaking it's mind! lol


i don't get it. why is everybody defending miley? she has no talent and deserves to be made fun of. frankly, i enjoy readying hilton hater's gossip.


"The Hollywood Gossip". This isn't GOSSIP at all. It just a harsh, pathetic opinion, scrutinizing Miley Cyrus when she doesn't give a crap.
There's a difference between gossip and just plain hating on someone, and you have crossed it. Either change your name, or change your blogs.
Miley may need to grow up, but so do you.


she's 17, hilton hater she's way younger than u.
and just stop bashing on her so hard, makes me sad reading all your gossip.


I used to LOVE miley. i think she's trying to hard like britney did. why does everyone automatically put a "role model" label on everyone on disney? PARENTS need to be role models. TEACHERS need to be role models. why do entertainers have to be role models? how many of them have ever said "i want to be that person that children look up to when they feel like no one else is there?" until i hear a celebrity say that, i refuse to put a "role model" stamp on their foreheads. idc if you like miley or not, i'm just sick of people using the role model thing. let entertainers entertain.


I think people need to come out of denial. Miley Cyrus, is very sexual with her performances, outfits, pictures and pretty much a lot of the things she does. If you like her for that, then so be it. She's just also a rolemodel for millions of kids. She's not an adult. She's not 18 and she's not 21; and yet since she just became a teenager it seems, she was trying to show that she was. Half of the people who support Miley Cyrus probably don't realize that she's 17 years old, but has been involved in scandals since she was 14. Doesn't that say anything?


I'm not buying anything with Miley's name on it. The no talent money whore can go to hell!!! Bye! Bye! Miley!


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