Miley Cyrus Remains Unoriginal, Pathetic, Desperate for Attention

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The Miley Cyrus street walking tour continued this weekend.

Desperate to prove she's no longer an innocent Disney teen (except when she wants to garner sympathy from her fans, that is), Cyrus performed in Rio and in London over the last couple days.

The derivative act remained the same, as Cyrus wore fewer layers than Kendra Wilkinson; writhed around with back-up dancers on stage; and copied the exact same script Britney Spears perfected years ago: How to Be Edgy and Sexy, While Playing the Innocent, 17-Year Old Card Whenever Anyone Dares to Call You Out for Such Pathetic Acts and Lack of Talent.

Yawn. We've been here and seen this multiple times in the past. At the very least, it would be nice if Miley offered fans something remotely creative...

The New Miles
Grinding It Up

Miley Cyrus is totally innocent and naive, people! Where would you ever get the idea she'd make out with a girl in order to prove her edginess?!? [Photos: Splash News]

At G-A-Y night club in Paris, meanwhile, Cyrus put on a hilarious performance: she sung inspirational ballad "The Climb," while dressed like someone in a movie produced by Vivid Entertainment. You must watch:

Below, we've posted more videos of Miley performing in London and dressed like every talentless young star that can't make it on talent alone.

[video url="" title="Can't Be Tamed in Paris"] [/video]

[video url="" title="G-A-Y Performance"] [/video]

Bathing Suit on Stage
In Rio
What is This Outfit?!?

Witnesses at the London club said they could see Miley's underwear during most of her performance. Stay classy, girl!


hate to break it to miss Jen, but just a recap: How did Hannah Montana start? Oh, that's right!! her DAD helped out with it. You can disagree all you want, but that's the facts. Her dad was the one who helped her on her way to fame, and miss "Can't Be Tamed" is making these mistakes all on her own. She's 17, for crying out loud. She *can't* sing very well live, if you didn't see her live performance of "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" recently...If wearing skimpy clothes, pretending to make out with girls on stage, and being humiliated by having NO TALENT AT ALL is what it takes to be "rich, famous, and successful" as miss Jen puts it...I'd rather just be a regular Jane Doe with a normal life, thanks.


Worst of all, shes singing a song that is from Hannah Montana movie, totally not imaging what the song and what the movie mean


OMG its even funny to watch her trying to be sexy, i mean shes 17, wake up Miley lol


i used 2 love miley soooo much ,i loved her innocent songs like everybody make mistakes or true friends but then she turned 2 be a silly girl who dress up badly , i think its better not 2 wear any-cloths then wearing this trash !!!!!!!! shes not like before shes a bad example 2 girls everywhere im sorry miley i used 2 love u soooooooooooooooooooooooo much but my feelings changed !! cz ur turning 2 be an old unpolite women !! live ur age don't grow fast , now love Selena Gomez cz shes polite ! i hope u return like u was love u hope u change and believe me and trust ur fans dont dress up that way 2 take buy ur albums they will buy it because of the massage u deliver , take selena as an example plz !!!


Once again the hollywood machinery is showing itself for wot it really is shallow and unoriginal...does one have to have a star parent to make it in the arts scene???? Miley is another typical example of a huge urrrrghhhhh...whose idea is it that this girl can sing and the poor girl has to live up to that image...she has no business on stage and acting...she sucks big time!!!! Sorry girl not your fault.


"growing up" my ars. i grew up too, but i'm not half the skank miley is. since when is 'gowing up' a synonym for 'becoming and slut'? she's so typical.


I totally agree with you!!!
Miley apparently thinks that to be famous you have to wear skanky outfits and and show your body!!!
I'm sorry but Miley is just going downhill!
There are many artists that are very famous and don't act like sluts on stage: Taylor Swift and Hayley Williams (Paramore) are living examples for that!
My little cousin is 6 years old and is in love with Hannah Montana, I really don't know what's gonna happen when my cousin sees Miley acting like another wannabe-artist!
If she didn't want to be seen like an innocent girl as she appeared to be in Hannah Montana, then why did she go for Hannah Montana!?
It definetly doesn't make sense


Lol Here comes an talented young artist! Does Miley Cyrus think THAT's the art? Well, according to Miley, sextapes are filled with art. Now I'll wait until you film a sextape, Miley. As you said, that's the art. And you are an artist! You'd just said that.


Look Miley need to strt looking for a new career because if she goin keep acting like this........ let's just say it is not going to end well. and another thing most pop star or celebs or whatever de hell you want to call them when they acting sexy they does dam well look good doing it now when Miley do it sne look like some whorish, horny little tramp.


Once again, I agree. And maybe the reason people are writing disagreement to her actions is because she vehemently says she's done nothing wrong, and continues to act like nothing she does is EVER wrong. At the same time that she claims "I'm gonna make mistakes". Double standard?


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