Miley Cyrus Reacts to "Idiot" Perez Hilton, Sports New Ear Tattoo

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We disagree with Miley Cyrus when it comes to her wardrobe choices, musical abilities, the message she sends to fans and her overall lack of originality.

But at least we see eye-to-eye with the singer on one thing: Perez Hilton is an idiot.

A couple days after that gossip blogger stunned the world by posting an upskirt photo of this 17-year old, Miley has responded. She told Ryan Seacrest in a phone interview yesterday:

"That's some idiot being an idiot. Isn't it funny things like that, that are so negative, have to come out right before my record? It's like, no one can just let a positive thing happen."

Man, even when we're on Miley's side, we can't help but comment on how pompous she sounds. A "positive thing?" It's just a new CD, Miles. You're not changing the world here.

Bra Showing!


Meanwhile, Cyrus also made news this week for getting a new tattoo... on her ear... of the word "love."

Check it out below and let us know what you think of this unique accessory.

Miley Cyrus has love for... Liam Hemsworth? Attention? Herself? The possibilities are endless!


i love sexy people like miley..but fans dpend on hr!!not like that sexy womn down Olston St tht i wnt 2 hv sx 4 lyk, 4evr.she hs no fans (exept m),but miley shud tk d oppurtnty of hving loyal fans.count d h8rs,,count d fans..who wins ??? ???


TO HANNAH. It's not like your'e a celebrity whose fans are depending to... to be like Hannah Montana. That's right, Miley changed, but she's 17 and she knew better than to break little kids' hearts. I may sound as cliche as little kids, but I've got to agree with Andi. I mean, it's not like we expect her to not change or anything. But she changed all of a sudden. I hope she will experience having a daughter, and see if the world means to that daughter


Miley, I love you, but I think this is a tad too much. You know, I've experienced being myself and everyone putting me down. I agree with you that you have to be yourself a hundred percent, but if it shows negativity to most people, you better not do so much. Yes, you think of yourself - but think about those loyal, young fans, depending on you too.


i agree100% with jayjay, wtf r u miley haterz doing here, if u dont like her!FUK OFF!u lowlifes cant do nothing else but hate,do smthing with ur lives,u cold hearted ppl that hate miley give it ur hardest effort, and for the love of god go admire some1!I luv miley!all my friends hate her,but that will never change my opinion, i know how hard it must feel for miley 2 put up with her fuking stupid retarded ass motherfuken haterz, so thats why i defend her!u guys are lowlifes stop fukin hating,let her live her life and go live urs stop critisizing her fuk,she could do watever the fuk she wants if she wants 2 show her bra fine! haterz go do somethin with ur lives, or if u want keep fuking ur lives up by hating on gorgeous talented ppl like miley! -i luv u miley and thanks all the miley fans that understand me


@Vanessa: no clue. she's out of her mind. and why won't she wear a top that hides her bra??


of all the places, why her ear???


Miley just need to take a hike. I am sorry i never liked her before but now i utterly hate her. She just a little whorish B-I-T-C-H.


are you serious. it's sad and pathetic how people can say horrible things about her when they don't even know her. pretty much all the media tells you is a lie. so before you start calling her a "whore" and a "slut" i suggest you find the proper definition of it, and maybe you should meet her before you actually start throwing words around like that. it must be because you're jelous of her. if you really "hated" her, then why would you be reading blogs about her? wouldn't you just rather just not want to know anything about her? so yeah, you're either reading these because you secretly want what she has, or you read this to fuel your hate for her while you're reading lies and abuse towards her. and you give her shit for wanting "a bit more love in the world". reading these blogs has told me that she's damn freakin' right.


She walks the streets looking like the above pic and grinds on poles and kisses women on stage but.....Perez is wrong for posting her stepping out of a car looking like the HOEBAG SHE IS!
Everybody knows what she is and her parents are the PIMPS. Her mother was a GROUPIE and proud of it and she rode plenty of scum and met Daddy Cyrus while he was married and also cheating with loads of hoes. The worm doesn't fall far from the tree.


lol miley is a miley


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