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omg. she did not kiss her. -.-' get a life folks. and leave her alone.


Hilton Hater: here's a thought...maybe just maybe i don't follow your kind of stupid rules. you can't even put up one sentence without saying something bad about someone. do you honestly think that's right??? cause if you do i really think you could use some professional help..maybe it'll also solve your sight problam cause, i repeat, that wasn't a kiss or anything like that!


@tara: it actually looks like THG loves your comments. See what Hilton Hater wrote?


yeah, i should add, it didnt look like a real kiss to me either...

not that i really care if she did or not...i don't get what the big deal is if she did...

are you against lesbian kisses on tv or something?? it's acting, younger girls have kissed people on film before...in many movies...

kirsten dunst got to kiss brad pitt when she was a little girl, was that wrong? (interview with a vampire)
i just call that lucky :)

i like this website because for the most part you are unbiased in your delivery of gossip....you comment and give opinions on things but usually they are without this attitude and mean spirited delivery...

for some reason with regard to miley you are pretty nasty...

i just don't want to see this website turn into perezhilton part deux...otherwise i will have to look for a new gossip website to visit...perhaps you wish me to do so, as i am sure you don't like my comments on here.


luk....i m not a big fan of miley but i should say ----she should be given some space man!......i know her dressing has changed a lil but dsnt every1ns as dey grow up........shes no more hannah montana...and ppl need to realize she has a rgt to dress up and behave the way she wants nw dat shes not a disney gal!..........u pressure her more and ull get another lindsay and it will b UR FAULT!..let her live her lyf man! ps-- c'mn dats hardly a making out!


i watched this live last night on a 52'in tv an it was very clear that miley did not kiss her dancer


@mileyalltheway: I'd try to refute your points, but anyone that has watched that video 6 times and says it "wasn't a kiss or anything like that" is clearly in more denial than Lindsay Lohan.
Can't exactly argue with someone whose initial premise is more misguided than Kate Gosselin's mothering philosophy.

oh and FYI: thank you for the definition of "bullying." I had no idea Cyrus was exempt from criticism. Hear that "every hater who ever said a bad thing about Miley." Don't you know the rules?!?


most people will change from one point to another as they are famous...This situation can be seen in most Hollywood star... it is a secret satrategi by secret society to forget the God who has given everything to us ...whether we feel guilty or silly when we forget God when we enjoy the Giving..........think about it..

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