Miley Cyrus Makes Out with Dancer, Reaches New Low

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We guess this is an example of your "art," too, right, Miley Cyrus?

A day after the singer said her raunchy antics were artistic, and lashed out at critics for just not getting it, she performed "Can't Be Tamed" on Britain's Got Talent and took the desperate, wholly unoriginal step of making out with a dancer in order to prove her edginess.

There's little that can even be said about Miley's transparent actions at this point.

It's fine for her to move beyond the Disney phase of her career, but there's something to be said for subtlety and creativity. Dressing in skimpy outfits, singing about how hot you are and kissing back-up dancers has been done by everyone from Christina Aguilera to Britney Spears.

It's especially galling when Cyrus claims her songs and her style aren't representative of typical, shallow pop music. That's simply laughable.

At least when Adam Lambert crossed a line at the 2009 AMAs, he came out and admitted it soon afterwards. Will Miley do the same? We somehow doubt it.

** UPDATE: Those that have studied this video more than the Zapruder film swear Miley and the dancer's lips never actually touch. To this, we reply:

THAT'S EVEN WORSE! Look, Miles, if you're gonna rip-off Britney and others, just go all out and do it. You're clearly going for the shock value (which isn't even shocking in this day and age) of a same-sex kiss... so just woman up and take your act there.

Don't hide behind the technicality that no spit was swapped. You wanna be edgy? Be edgy. You can't have it both ways.


If that is art for her, well, she needs to get back on school and learn how that word is defined. When the purpose is to make money, there can't be any art in it, is just a thing for sale.


I find this kinda tackey. If Miley wants to dirty up her image then how about doing a duet with the notorious rapper JEW FRIZZLE.


end of.


Olivia Newton John? Talent? She never had talent she was just something to look at. You can't tell me that the song "Physical" is a masterpiece in any way, shape or form. Karen Carpenter had talent but she also never ate anything either. Whatever sells for Miley will work. It's not her fault that her fans don't mind retarded lyrics and plagiarized choreography. She's pretty fake but what do you expect from a spoiled rotten girl that hasn't had to experience any of life's real tribulations.

Chris meade
@ randyjacksonsbutt

that is you're opinion on the former even though miley cyrus is indeed a whore


really guys you can all hate but shes hott, she lives in a diff. type of world then a regular 17 year old she has been in this industry since she was like 13 and grew up in it before that, and all 17 year old girls have that inner sexy they wanna let out and she gets to do that through her music so fuck it let her. She looks goodn sounds good, and has a huge fan base. Shes not a bad role model we don't see her with white powder in her nose, or rolling out of a club at 3 am lit. So while the writers of this site are sitting here bashing a 17 year old whos finding who she is they are doing their job and she is doing hers. And she is going to be a constant contratiction until she figures that out, shes out there making millions doing what she loves lol like the guy said before she performed... 15 million albums sold!!!! not many 17 year olds can say that


Adam was also really really off key the whole time he was performing i didn't even notice his kiss cuz all i could think about was how bad he sounded


To DENISE: I agree with you 100%!! Miley is the tramp of 2010!! It is not if she will make a huge mistake it is when she will make the huge mistake-can't wait!!


I want to know what ever happened to originality? Nothing she is doing hasn't been done before. Be creative, don't copy other acts that have just recently been done. Hollie said she watched it and she didn't really kiss the dancer. I say who cares, she mimicked it and that is just as bad. God forbid a singer of today's generation had to just stand on stage and sing. Singers who had talent years ago, ie. Olivia Newton-John, Karen Carpenter, etc. could just come out on stage, stand there and sing and the crowd went wild. No antics, just a voice. It just shows that performers today are not all singers they just use their stage act to sell their music, it's very sad.


@tara: I agree, and that's my point: she's following the formula of all Disney-created stars that wish to reach a new audience. That's perfectly fine... BUT THAT'S NOT WHAT SHE SAYS.
In fact, she goes in the opposite direction and calls her music "art" and makes a point of saying she's so, so different than other pop singers. That's my problem with her. It's the pompous attitude and the blatant hypocritical behavior.


omg. she did not kiss her. -.-' get a life folks. and leave her alone.

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