Miley Cyrus Live in London: An Unforgettable Night

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In the last 16 days alone, Miley Cyrus has ...


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    I just don't know. I have listened to Miley's music with open ears and she has a very hoarse voice. It's not pleasing to listen to (for me). I can see how younger people are attracted to her stardom. When I was growing up Britney Spears was the "IT" female performer and celebrity. I loved her and bought all her things and tried to look like her and listened to her music and thought she was the greatest thing on Earth since fire. I see younger females doing that with Miley and that's cool because I understand. It happens with the fans of metal musicians and punk-rock bands and shallow pop singers alike.


    And yes I know I need to check my spelling when I write a comment you still get the point miley doesn't need to sing dance do movies or anything just live off the money she has and her mom has invested for her, for the rest of her life, So she can change anyway she wants, PERIOD.


    For everyone who hasn't got a life and stick their nose into others people busy on this site, and unemployed or making chump change at their job who is ragging someone who is under 25 with a net worth of a billion dollars who could tell all of us to kiss h.. ... for all she care and live the rest of her life or her profit that she earn. Here a little info for thought, her london tour at the O2 seen on tv was sold out and the O2 hold about 25 to 30 thousand people SOLD OUT concert. You think she cares what you say or do no she doesn't their is to many people who loves her, again the O2 was sold out.


    She rocks!? Oh, my GOD, she SUCKS!!!!!! You people are not only dumb, but deaf as well.


    I tried to watch her, but she is just downright awful! It is beyond me why people think she is good at singing. And that voice, she talks through her nose. And she gyrates around like a stripper (not a very good one), flipping her hair around. It worked for the hair bands in 1980, but not for you Miles. Oh, and the songs, wwwaaayyyy badddddd!


    O yes and THANK YOU person mileyalltheway, i agree with everything you are saying, EVERYONE also read this MILEY CYRUS IS 17 SHE IS EXPERIMENTING AND LEARNING THINGS AND IF SHE WANTS TO ACT OUT SHE IS ALOUD BECAUSE WE ALL HAVE DONE, WILL DO, OR AM DOING OK. Great we got that sorted xx


    everyone just needs to LEAVE HER ALONE, she has done nothing to you and she is just experimenting. All of us would wear starnge or funny things if were going to a party, what she is adoing is ahving a party on stage and we tell her off(well im not telling her off) she is just having fun. Everyone who is insulting her just needs ot chillout obviously if you are critising her for having fun, it clearly shows you aren't having any


    she deserves all the shit she gets, she puts in upon herself.
    wtf, her clothes look like shes been attacked by wild beasts.
    she needs to go away, that dirty whore, and soon.
    btw, i completely agree with heather plattz.


    mileyalltheway needs to chill out n realize her idol is starting to turn into a whorey one ever said she didnt have talent,and if all that was just an act she would still dress normal at events.either way i think its safe to say her disney days are over.truth hurts,doesnt it?and alot of people would agree.talented or not its obvious she doesnt want to be portrayed as a child or else she wouldnt be flasing her va-jay-j.


    be careful miley,this is how britney started on her path to destruction.yep i doubt shes still a virgin,something britney always wanted to eliminate from the mickey mouse club rep she portrayed.

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