Miley Cyrus Hosts MuchMusic Video Awards, Looks Ridiculous

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When she gives interviews and utters every inspirational cliche every created, Miley Cyrus sounds ridiculous.

But the singer must be aware of this because she often makes a conscious choice to distract everyone from her nauseating sound bites by dressing in asinine outfits that focus our attention elsewhere.

Miley Cyrus VMA Outfit

At last night's MuchMusic Awards in Toronto, for example, Miley took to the stage wearing this contraption. Boy, she sure is edgy, isn't she?!?

Cyrus opened the show with a rendition of "Party in the USA," proving that the only thing she knows less about than good fashion is geography. (Toronto is located in Canada, Miles. That's a whole separate country!)

While Miley's cult members fans prepare to defend her terrible singing and transparent attempts to transform her image, we'll simply post more images of the singer at this event, along with her aforementioned performance.

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Looks like Miley should trade in her mic for a stripper pole wearing that ridiculous outfit.


@someone with good sense, you are my hero:]
wow, that is one CLASSY outfit shes got going onn...not.


WOW! I seriously cant believe that i use to follow miley cyrus. Now i feel very very stupid, knowing that i followed this pig. I bought all her shirts purses shoes and many other people did, and all of the money went to her just to buy her, her slut outfits. I hope she gets kicked of of Disney Channel. Disney should not sponcer her any more.Hannah Montana was so 3 years ago. No one likes her but the little kids. The only reason why the little kids like her is because she is on Disney! They dont care who the heck she is or what she wears or what kind of talent she has, they just like her because she is on disney. dont let you little kids follow her! She is a offel! Let your little kids watch something else besides hannah montana! Or when your kids get older they will start dressing like her!


I have no problem with Miley Cyrus.. I don't like her music and personally i think that was horrible vocals but for the love of all that is holy what is she wearing? What a horrible outfit!


I will never understand why there are still idiots who love and defend Miley Cyrus. There's just NOTHING good about this little desperate-for-attention slut. Looks like she won't stop acting like a whore until people start pointing her as a sex icon or something. Apart from her shitty personality, she has NO talent, her voice is so awful and her acting skills are crap (the only reason why she has so many fans is because she was the star of a DISNEY show. Children don't give a crap if you're actually talented or not, as long as you're in some Disney show, they will love the girl no matter who she is). Oh, and btw, Miley is ugly as hell, she looks like a horse, but she has like 200 people producing her, making her look 'awesome' and stuff. If you're more than 14 years old and still likes Miley, than you're really stupid, childish and brain damaged, sorry.


she did really, really good.


did any1 c the way she walked? hmmm.... miss star!


i lyk milley very very mch bt if dis style continues to go den i jst guess dat hmmm.... i strt hate her though i lyk her more dan any popstar or anyone...!!!


she seems like such a stupid, bitchy, ditzy girl who's obsessed with her appearance, and making sure everybody thinks she's hot. she doesn't care about creating a classy, respectable image for herself at all. so lame.


grreaaaaaate... just what the world needs, another semi-talented slut in the media... but it gets even better, this slut's an idol for young girls and teens... grreaaaaaate... kill me now..