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She needs to learn if you got nothing nice to say then don't say it at all..


i'm a huge fan of miley...i've watched her grow up and i grew up along with her..i like her music and her fashion style and i think that if i were her i would have done the exact same things she did...even if others think what i do is wrong. i also think people should get a life!!! just because miley has her own opinion doesn't mean she wants you to think the same...so she doesn't like glee...big deal!!! she likes lady gaga...good for her..let her be as normal a teenager as possible! oh and FYI i like glee and i don't really like lady gaga but i'm a fan of miley and a real fan would go with her all the way no matter what she says or does. BTW i hate the way THG take a simple statement by miley and make it sound like what she said is soooo bad...like what's up with the "we know miley loves her music" she just said that her music is different than other pop music because it has a meaning unlike other shallow pop music we hear a lot today!!


I would like to add that I enjoy watching shows like True Blood and The Vampire Diaries...but I don't go around hating on those who think those shows suck...

I don't care what anyone else likes, as i am busy enjoying what i like.

respect others and they will respect you.


Okay, so is it now considered politically incorrect to say you DON'T like glee??
Apparently so.

Should we start the lynch mobs going? rounding people up and burning them at the stake if they don't watch glee??

I love musicals, but i don't care for the show glee. It's my personal taste. I am allowed to have preferences, that is the joy of having the capability of INDEPENDENT THOUGHT!!!

I don't need someone else telling me what to like, and beating me up for not liking it.
Just because people are in the minority doesn't mean they should be persecuted... the same mentality being displayed by THG and the previous posts on here, is the same mentality that promotes racism and breeds hatred and stupidity.


You people need to get a hobby, i mean a new one, seems like harassing those who don't enjoy watching glee is your current one.


i think miley thinks she is better than most teens out there. she is cute and she has a cute bod but she is crazy and lady gaga is stupid and ugly and has no good music:)


I love glee....! so just because some stupid celebrity thinks they don't like it...who cares..?? y do ppl roll according what anybody thinks...wierd...and lea michelle is a wayyyy better singer than some new self-obsessed-britney spears-wannabee...! she gets overjoyed when compared to britney..and is trying to act like her by trying to breakaway that disney tag from her...just like britney started to get percieved by millions as a sexiest popstar of the world in her teens..she wants to be called the same by her desperate songs...but britney was actually thot by everyone to be super-attractive..:P cant say the same for miley cyrus...shez cute but britney was just a complete package to be come an icon that she is now




Who cares really she's a little spoiled kid.


mandy is right but i guss we have to tell what she said she dont now whats she is tallking about so she beter keep her mouth shut cuse she is STUPID AND IF SHE THINKS THAT SHE IS CUTE WELL NO SHE IS NOT!!!!!!!!!


And she has officially just insulted the line of work which got three of her closest friends- Ashley Tisdale, Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, famous. Not to mention it being the line of work they spent three years of their lives making with as much passion as they possibly could.

She should really start thinking before she says stuff like this in public.

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