Miley Cyrus Hates on Glee

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In a recent interview with Billboard, Miley Cyrus made it clear she loves her own music.

But the singer also opened up about something she hates, in a rambling, nonsensical way. Asked about the Fox smash Glee, Miley said:

“Honestly, musicals? I just can’t. What if this was real life and I was just walking down the street on Rodeo Drive and all of a sudden I just burst into song about how much I love shoes?"

She then paused, laughed and patted herself on the back, saying: "It would get you hits on YouTube.”

Ah, classic Miley: not giving credit to another musical sensation, and also pointing out just how popular she is with that YouTube comment.

Cyrus in Concert

Someone should probably tells Cyrus that maybe she "can't" handle musicals, but over 13 million people can. They tune in to Glee each week.

So, is there any musician out there Miley does respect? Lady Gaga, she says.

“Unlike a lot of artists, all her music does mean something personally."

Do you wanna tell Miley that Gaga recently said it was a dream come true to have her songs covered by Glee? Or should we relay that message instead?


OMG MILEY CYRUS DIDN'T LIKE GLEE!!!!!!! IT'S SPARTA!!!! IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT!!!! OMG HollywoodGossip you should grow up sometimes and realize that people have their own preference and they can like whatever they want. Miley likes Lady Gaga's music doesn't necessarily means she needs to like Glee as well. C'on, I thought all the posters that wrote for such a fancy-looking website should be at least mature enough to understand something so simple as that??


Glee sucks. I think Hannah Montana is better than Glee. Gleeks can suck it! I finally agree with Miley Cyrus on something Glee is crap the end!


Who cares? She is free to not like Glee. I don't like it either.


See it doesn't bother me that she doesn't like Glee she doesn't have to many people don't and thats their life their opinion i don't really give a fuck ill still watch and love those shows what bothers me is what a hypocrite she is.Glee isn't realistic? (which btw it is)if you were a fan and watched the show you would know it,but Hannah Montana is sooo realistic i mean put on a wig and no one knows who it is.Also didn't she say she loved high school musical which unlike Glee IS a musical.Also i am proud that she is being real and giving her opinions but shes being really bitchy about it calling vampires revolting and practically calling Glee fake! she can just say i don't like those shows their not my taste or something else.I do believe shes jealous that something other than her is getting attention.She is a SLUT and we all know it and ummm shes the Hater here.


Wow, miley you think your s cool, well sorry you need to grow up and start acting one likes you, you ugly miley you have fake hair. ugly giorl. i love selena gomez my fovorite star of all. you show off too much miley. NOT A FAN OF YOURSE.


I hate how some people say things like "nobody likes her exept for 10 year olds.... well NEWSFLASH, I'm NINE FUCKING YEARS OLD, and I happen to hate EVERYONE on disney, and I listen to The beatles, elton john, queen, metallica, and kiss. DISNEY CAN ROT IN HELL FOR ALL I CARE! Everyone but mickey mouse, because he made the Jonas brothers his bitches on South Park!


MILEY CYRUS DOESN'T LIKE GLEE?! ...and not a single fuck was given that day...


Dude shes Human she has opinions just like each and every one of us. Hey I dislike Twilight and Glee too. Why does that make her a Bad person just because she does not like it? people hate on her music so does that make them a bad person? man this world really has gone down hill. No one can be positive about anything anymore. Let her Dress the way she does. Be happy shes not posing for playboy. Shes just growing up like every other teenager. But of course what I say on here wont change the minds of Close minded people. and of course i will probably have some people put me down for this but ohh well. Nothing I can do right? thats how the world is no one can ever be happy about anything.


Just because your song was the ONLY song Rachel has ever flunked, Miley? I lol'd so hard at that. But she knows there much better than here, and the way she's going is Britney her idol or something?


i love miley cyrus , but i'm so disappointed on what she's doing right now . she hate pop music , twilight , etc........ she hate some famous things because she's so jealous .

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