Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth: Together, Happy, Fully Clothed

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Breaking, shocking news, readers:

Miley Cyrus has been spotted in actual clothing!

We know this is difficult to believe, based on the attire Miley donned in Paris and in Rio last week. But it's true, and we can prove it:

A Happy Pair

Meanwhile, in other news, it appears as though reports of a split between Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were premature. These two were spotted in California yesterday, holding hands and looking as happy as ever.

We may criticize Miley (often), but we wish her nothing but the best in her personal life. Perhaps she and Liam will soon get married, have children and settle down away from the spotlight. Far, far, far away from the spotlight.

A gossip site can dream, can't it?

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miley cyrus i hate liam hemsworth love noah cyrus


At the young age of 17,Miley appears to be happy,and is with a boyfriend who is not depending on his parents to be able to buy her dinner and a movie. Billy Ray does not appears to disapprove of her choice of companionship. All the best to this young couple.


" Miley Cyrus has been spotted in actual clothing!" - you're just ridiculous...


wow he must really like her if they're dating for that long, either that or he's just holding on to her for another big breaqk when he will be internationally recognised


You guys are jerks! Wat do you expect Miley to always wear? Long sleeves and collar up top with long pants? Miley only wear those when she is performing. She is different from Selena or Demi in a good way. Selena and Demi are good, but Miley is unique. She is special. Why do you have to compare her uniqueness to Selena or Demi as if it isn't good?


You guys are jerks here. Of course she dresses like that when she is performing! After all, she is PERFORMING I am a professional dancer, and at my dance competitions, we wear crop tops and skin tight leather shorts, because that's what peformers do. What abotu guys? Zac Efron was in shorts and a tank top, and shirtless, in high school musical. Robert Pattinson was shirtless in new moon, yet you don't accuse them of selling sex. You guys are blindsided. It's just a commonly accepted double standard. let her go, it's her life, not yours.


she dresses in outrageous clothing on stage. duh. its all for show


She only wears sexy clothes on stage, when she's performing. So of course she's fully clothed when she's out and about.


So, if Miley and Liam are still on then kissing the girl, was just fake. She's not a lesbian, she just wants to act like one on stage. I wonder what the gays would have to say about that, it does seem as if she is mocking them. When she doesn't realize their struggle or even care what they have to go through, it's just flip entertainment on her part. What a jerk she is.



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