Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth: Together, Happy, Fully Clothed

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Breaking, shocking news, readers:

Miley Cyrus has been spotted in actual clothing!

We know this is difficult to believe, based on the attire Miley donned in Paris and in Rio last week. But it's true, and we can prove it:

A Happy Pair

Meanwhile, in other news, it appears as though reports of a split between Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were premature. These two were spotted in California yesterday, holding hands and looking as happy as ever.

We may criticize Miley (often), but we wish her nothing but the best in her personal life. Perhaps she and Liam will soon get married, have children and settle down away from the spotlight. Far, far, far away from the spotlight.

A gossip site can dream, can't it?

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Liam and Miles

Miley Cyrus is awesome :)
At first I didnt really like her, but I think she is just human, for those people who ALWAYS judge her, grow a set and get over your self!!!! It has nothing to do with any of us what she does and who she goes out with (Liam is wicked btw)
She can dress how she wants, go where she wants and say what she wants (within reason though :P )
She is a great role model! She admits she isnt perfect! No one on this planet is perfect!!!! She is an amazing actress and singer! She sings about topics that are important and really shows her passion for the things she loves doing! I also admire she loves horses :) Cos I have horses and its cool to know that a celebrity also has a passion for those lovely animals =)
I think we should all just give her a break and hope she stars in another movie like "the last song" I loved that btw!!! Super sad.... but awesome :) The baby turtles were just so cute! So was Liam :P


where's the old miley?? the miley who created music with passion...the miley who created songs to inspire to encourage people... she was a role model an idol for the youth and the kids with big's not childish!! coz her songs use to inspire others to lead a better life and now... she's replaced with this girl a girl who at 17 wears inappropriate clothes and creats music videos with disgusting scenes like untammed this isn't the miley cyrus i was inspired to idolize...


I saw a movie " The Last Song " and i really liked it... it was sad but cool :) hmm before I didnt like Miley Cyrus because she is soo disney-girl :D i dont know , in this Hannah Montana roll..She is too childish...but well when I saw The Last Song I thought other way about her. That she can be very good..She just have to take part of this kinda movies not like disney ones :P and About Liam Hemsworth :) Hes cutee :D I like him(L) :D Miley is not my favourite but now i dont hate her ..and i never done it its just shess noot for Disney cause i dont like disney XD


hello ei lov you


wait i only ment to put nothing alike once sorry.


Give miley and Liam a break for once and really give Miley a break what has ever done to u thats what i thought nothing so stop tlking about her she dreses fine and nobodys perfect get it straight i hate it when u guys tlk crap about Miley she is cool and a good singer so leave her alone plzz and dont im dont compare her to britty spears cause there nothing alike i mean alike so shut up in less u have something nice to say so stop the crap.


i seriously agree. all those that are saying Miley is a slut or whatever, are all jerks. i mean, its her life, let her live it. everybody including guys have dresses however they want. and when it comes to miley cyrus, she cant wear anything she wants?! how cruel & selfish. let her wear what she wants, let her live her damn life. sheesh. shes beautiful and unique. Dont even need to waste your time comparing her to demi and selena. because for what i know, everyone is beautiful in their own way and they are unique in their own way. they are themselves and stop trying to ruin it, because noone tries to do that to yours. try putting yourself into mileys shoes, would you want people to always critisize you on what you are wearing or how you act or whatever? no, i dont think so. think before you start critisizing.


I used to love miley but now i dont !! well her new song isnt bad ...........but she isnt a disney star now!!i am liam hemsworth`sum one fan.......and im happy for him and i love his new look with his beard!!


Gosh, i think its simply rediculous how this girl is only trying to live her dream and theres people out there that are willing to ruin it for her. how can she live it, if she has people out there that are so hypocritical about everything. i mean, what are you 'jerks' trying to say, that youve never wore short shorts and a tank top? of course you have. Get over that fact that she is a young teenager and looks FANTASTIC doing everything she does, even if she decides to kiss another girl. It happens to be her life so let the young girl live! and im out. have a nice day everyone. (:


Miley is a great and entertaining preformer, with an edgy voice, and amazing personality from what I see. And it's sad that this headline is the only thing you really got on her! Congrats lol

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